Bucharest Metro line 5

For the new 15 km long Bucharest Metro Line 5 edilon)(sedra supplies its Corkelast® EBS-MS block system for 49E1 rail. The contract has been concluded with Astaldi/FCC/UTI JV.

Metrorex (the Bucharest Metro Authority) has used a bi-block sleeper system since the early 80’s, with growing problems with deflection, electrical insulation and wear & tear of the booted trays. Maintenance cost are high, and due to the short possession times it often interferes the transport service.

edilon)(sedra Corkelast® EBS-MS combines a Medium Stiffness and watertight system with low maintenance. The crossings and switches are carried by EBS blocks that were especially designed to accommodate the traffic. Guiderail has been integrated into special EBS blocks to conform with the clients demands.

In specific areas of the track, e.g. near Theatre and University, an additional edilon)(sedra Trackelast® STM RPU/Blue slab track mat will be applied to isolate vibrations in the lower frequencies range. A thorough study on noise and vibration effects has been performed by the German company I.B.U. under supervision of Mr. Udo Lenz.

Presently the blocks are transported into the tunnel and laid out for installation of the track superstructure.



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