Old steel bridge Bern (Switzerland)

Bern (Switzerland)

edilon)(sedra Corkelast® ERS

Location Bern, Switzerland

Project Renewal of tracks on 130+ years old steel bridge ‘Kirchenfeldbrücke’

Length 450 m track

Application October 2018

Details The order included the delivery of the Corkelast® ERS system, rail expansion joints, steel trough construction as well as consultancy and quality control supervision.

Target An important reason for the track renewal on the ‘Kirchenfeldbrücke’ and the application of Corkelast® ERS was the increase of the allowed axle load for the trams on the bridge from 9,6 to 10,5 t, as modern tramcars of today are heavier than in the past. Also, Corkelast® ERS allows for reduced installation height and Noise & Vibration reduction.

Client Bernmobil

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