Corkelast® EBS installation on a steel-concrete railway bridge in Poland

Constructionheight, constructionspeed and electrical insulation are important challenges when it comes to the design and installation of rail tracks for bridges. Ballastless track systems are a frequently chosen solution when it comes to these type of challenges.

Take our Corkelast® Embedded Block System EBS, for example, which was recently installed on this steel-concrete PKP railway bridge between Chlastawa and Dąbrówka Zbąska in Poland.

As you can see, the EBS blocks are efficiently incorporated in the bridge superstructure, contributing to an optimal clearance for another railway line under passing the bridge.

The concrete blocks are elastically embedded with Corkelast® into prefabricated, coated steel trays that are cast permanently into the slab track. This bonding offers optimum electrical isolation and forms a seal to prevent the ingress of liquids and detritus that may cause problems for ordinary ‘booted’ block systems.

Application of prefabricated track elements contributed to a short construction time span. Baseplates were assembled on the construction site to further speed up construction.

In this specific case we have designed and supplied special EBS B03GR block types to allow the installation of a derailment protection rail (49E1 guide rail) next to the riding 60E1 rail.




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