Ankara high-speed station inaugurated

…another milestone in the history of Corkelast® ERS

With the opening of the new Ankara High Speed Station, 29th October, edilon)(sedra sets another milestone in the 50 year history of its Corkelast® ERS (Embedded Rail System).

TCDD Turkish State Railway Authorities decided to take advantage of the system for the new iconic railway station in Ankara, Turkey. TCDD’s main technical reason for selecting Corkelast® ERS is the fact that it conforms 100% to the CEN 13481-5. Respective engineering reports, reference letters of various railway authorities, complete CEN-test reports, etc. were provided confirming the outstanding track record and unrestricted applicability.

The new station building looms over the city’s existing art deco station (opened in 1937) and is the current high-speed, regional and commuter railway hub. The Ankara station consists of 8 floors, 3 platforms and 6 high speed lines.

As the station building also has a shopping mall, 5 star hotel and conference centre, a noise & vibration study was conducted in collaboration with METU, Ankara in order to verify the performance of our Corkelast® ERS in combination with Trackelast® STM/RPU in accordance to the technical requirements.

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Turkish animation of  the Ankara project

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