Rail track heroes

Like many other companies, edilon)(sedra is faced with challenging times due to the Coronavirus. Of course we have our rail track heroes, our colleagues that provide tremendous support to the industry! Our production continues to manufacture and supply materials for track installations. Our technical departments and sales engineers have adapted to the challenging circumstances, in supporting customers with project preparations. Our track workers are carrying out installation works under while respecting the new social spacing challenge. Furthermore:

  • We support our customers with online work instructions via Microsoft Skype or Teams. Recently, before the actual start of construction works a Skype work instruction training was provided to delegates from CRTG (China Railway Tunnel Group Co.) and EBB (China Railway Electrification Bureau Group Co.) for project Tel Aviv Light Rail – Red Line.
  • We support our customers by means of remote tests facilities and software.
  • We support our customers with infrastructural projects which due to the present situation have been forced forward. For example, in March and April 2020 we supplied materials for a track renovation of the Schiphol Train Tunnel. This job was forced forward due to the current low utilization of ProRail tracks in The Netherlands.

With that and more we aim to secure that the rail fastening systems of our customers’ projects are engineered, supplied and installed for railway projects around the globe while respecting all safety precautions.

If you need our assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to support you in the continuation of your business processes.

Schiphol train tunnel


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