edilon)(sedra Corkelast® ERS for trams, light- and guide rail

Embedded Rail System for trams, light- and guide rail
The edilon)(sedra Corkelast® ERS (Embedded Rail System) has radically changed the concept of how rails can be supported. The use of a homogeneous continual elastic support along the full length of the rail provides optimal required support, resilience and electrical isolation.

Moreover, it eliminates the logistical problems and costs associated with ballast, sleepers, base plates, and fasteners, and their subsequent inspection and maintenance. These unique features make edilon)(sedra Corkelast® ERS perfectly applicable for tunnels, stations, bridges, industrial tracks, depots, washing plants, working pits.


  • Highly durable for mixed crossing traffic (trams and heavy trucks, busses, cars, rescue and service vehicles)
  • Savings in construction height & weight
  • Considerable reduction of ground/structure borne noise
  • Aesthetic design and easy to clean
  • Pilferage proof (no clips which could be stolen or bent / no screws which could be loosen)
  • Optimum electrical insulation

How to prevent stray current damage to LRT track & infrastructure?
System solution: Corkelast® ERS

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How to control Noise & Vibration for LRT in urban areas?
System solution: Corkelast® ERS

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