En Chardon: new depot of Geneva public transport company TPG

End of August 2019 the construction of over 10 km of Corkelast® ERS track, including 44 switches and 8 crossings, in Geneva, Switzerland will be finalized. The new maintenance centre En Chardon is a crucial new location in the infrastructure for trams and busses.

The engineering of the tracks started back in 2016. edilon)(sedra France provided the client with a specific working methodology for Corkelast® ERS in switches and supported the planning of the construction. To smoothen planning and construction work the University of Geneva developed a BIM model to avoid building constraints during realization. BIM elements provided by edilon)(sedra Application Engineering could be integrated to support the track realization.

The track design respected the clients specifications. Besides high levels of electrical isolation, vibration studies showed that the Corkelast® ERS fulfilled all requirements. edilon)(sedra supported these studies with own insertion loss calculations which confirmed the performance specified.

In order to be able to store and maintain 70 trams in the depot, rails totalling 10.700 m in length with 44 switches and 8 crossings were required. The new depot is expected to be in service by Winter 2019. The facility will offer sufficient storage capacity for the coming years.

Depot En Chardon

Installation of switches – depot En Chardon

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