Strong stray current isolation performance Corkelast® ERS Canberra

Formally reported measurements to the Stray Current Working Group, show the Canberra embedded rail system continues to prove an excellent seasonal trend.

Rail-to-earth resistance results in the wet surpass 20, while dry conditions show phenomenal readings in the order of 60 to 80

edilon)(sedra Australia supplied the Corkelast® Embedded Rail System (ERS). The ERS track covers 12 kilometres of double track in total and a depot.

The Canberra Light Rail project provides convenient access to the city centre and northern suburbs for residents and commuters. Travellers can use a durable rail connection for many years to come, thanks in part to the proven excellent electrical insulation characteristics of Corkelast® ERS!

In order to explain the theme of stray current isolation, we have made this short animation video (click on the image to start the video).


Newly built Odense Tramway line completed: Danish ‘green dream’ becomes reality

After an intensive period of preparations and installations, the newly built Odense Tramway line is completed. The first test drives have been successfully carried out. We are proud of being part of this project, complying to the latest environmental standards!

The intended purpose of the 14,5 km new double-track light rail transit is to reduce the number of car trips in the growing city, as well as noise pollution and carbon emissions, while reducing lifecycle costs.

We are pleased with the great teamwork before and during the installation of these green tracks. Our well-known edilon)(sedra SDS (Sound Damping System) has been applied in combination with the innovate rail insulation system, edilon)(sedra Editack Spray. This is a unique PU based rail coating system which ensures an optimal degree of stray current insulation. Editack Spray is easy to install even under harsh climatological conditions and can be durably applied on any type of rail, in compliance with all technical standards.

The opening of the new line is planned for the end of 2021. From then on, the dreamed-of tramway is expected to serve 35.000 passengers every weekday, connecting the important administrative facilities, the University of Southern Denmark and shopping areas.

Odense green track

edilon)(sedra Editack Spray – a unique insulation system for all kinds of tramway & LRT tracks






Extension to Vitoria-Gasteiz tram network – It doesn’t get any greener!

edilon)(sedra has been awarded the contract to supply track systems for the 5 km extension of the Vitoria-Gasteiz tramway for contractor UTE Tecsa Altuna and end-customer Euskal Trenbide Sarea. Vitoria-Gasteiz is one of the most environmental orientated cities in Spain.

Investments in green development to improve infrastructure, are supported by both the local government and city council. Low noise and vibrations combined with an outstanding electrical isolation are some of the key requirements for the track.

Our track systems Corkelast® EBS and SDS provide answers to these requirements and will be installed accordingly. Our rail coating solution Editack, will be supplied for rail isolation and our Trackelast® noise & vibration mats for sensitive areas. Product deliveries will start from Spring 2021. Our application engineering team supports with the design works, preparation of switches and installation supervision.

The 5 km extension includes five new platform stops that are identical in structure, size and shape. They will be located in Santa Lucía, La Iliada, Nicosia, La Unión and Salburua. From 2008, we arranged a broad spectrum of rail fastening systems and technical consultation services for the Vitoria- Gasteiz tramway in Spain, including ‘in street’, station, grass and depot tracks (16,5 km in total). The tramlines are perfectly integrated in the urban landscape and offer a vital contribution to the city’s high ambitions in the field of sustainability.


The importance of electrically insulated tracks

A high electrical insulation of the track infrastructure is an important aspect, especially for urban transport modes, such as for light rail and metros. If the railway system is not adequately insulated from the ground, this can lead to damaged tracks and pipes laid underground. Stray currents can cause considerable corrosive damages to the rails, fastening systems and installed track reinforcement. In addition malfunctions in train control and signalling systems are possible effects. Stray currents also lead to the risk of damaging surrounding rusted metallic components that are not part of the railway, such as gas pipes.

The standard EN 50122-2 specifies requirements for protective measures against the effects of stray currents caused by the operation of an electrically powered railway. The following aspects have a significant influence on electrical insulation and should be considered during the track design phase: distance of the substations, return line connections, insulation of the rails from earth and additional measures to improve them.

Often control and signalling technologies, such as train detectors, are in use on the infrastructure to detect and position vehicles, in order to secure the track. The use of such circuits results in specific insulation requirements for the track system. In order to ensure reliable train operation, construction measures must provide defined electrical and magnetic characteristics for track sections in which track circuits are to be installed.

In some cases, the planned slab track is designed with a reinforced in-situ concrete layer. The diameter of the reinforcement also has an influence on the control and signalling systems. Steel reinforcement in the track and track system, such as tie bars or lattice truss girders, dampens the electrical field. If an electrical conductor comes into the oscillating electrical field generated by induction, the frequency will change. For this reason, it is important to ensure a proper electrical insulation of the track system.

In general, a track system is ideally suited if it guarantees a high level of insulation, including a sufficiently large safety buffer to compensate for the difference between laboratory tests and the real condition on the track site.

EBS as safety buffer
The Corkelast® EBS-RF and EBS-UF track systems (EBS) are designed to match these high requirements. The key component of both systems is a prefabricated tray which consists of Geotextile and the Corkelast® elastomer. This material combination ensures a very high electrical insulation. The tray is working as an insulating intermediate layer and will disconnect fastening systems from the track as well as both running rails.

EBS: rail-to-rail and rail-to-earth insulation





Newhaven: sustitución de pasos a nivel en una zona de alto riesgo entre las vías férreas y carretera

edilon)(sedra ha sido adjudicataria del contrato de suministro y sustitución de un paso a nivel existente por un paso a nivel de doble vía de 48 m en los muelles de Newhaven, Reino Unido. La ubicación del cruce se considera una zona de alto riesgo entre las vías férreas y la carretera.

El paso a nivel de la línea secundaria en los muelles de Newhaven es utilizado por el tráfico agregado de pasajeros y mercancías de DMU. Este cruce es el único acceso a la gran zona de manejo de carga a granel de los muelles de la ciudad. Estos muelles reciben un volumen muy alto de materiales agregados a granel que llegan por barco y que salen en su mayoría por el paso a nivel. La combinación de las cargas pesadas, las malas condiciones del suelo, los drenajes deficientes y el ángulo no perpendicular del cruce respecto a la carretera hace que el perfil de la carretera se deforme hasta provocar una condición de alto riesgo para los usuarios de la carretera. Son muy frecuentes las quejas al ayuntamiento sobre cuestiones de seguridad.

El paso a nivel actual está formado por paneles de caucho y la subestructura subyacente por una capa de aluvión marino saturado sin drenaje identificable. El cruce tiene aproximadamente 4 años de antigüedad y es incapaz de mantener el perfil de la carretera. El ángulo del paso a nivel no es perpendicular al cruce de la carretera. Esto genera fuerzas oscilantes perjudiciales cuando los vehículos de carretera multieje atraviesan los paneles de caucho. Durante las conversaciones mantenidas entre el propietario de las vías NWR Sussex y edilon)(sedra, se acordó que la única solución viable, de bajo riesgo y rentable, era aplicar el sistema de paso a nivel prefabricado LCS-350 de Corkelast®. El sistema es una variante desarrollada del actual cruce de Harmelen que ya ha sido aprobado por el NWR.

Paso a nivel actual con paneles de caucho en los muelles des Newhaven

En este entorno difícil, las ya probadas ventajas de LCS-350 Corkelast® fueron un factor determinante para que NWR optara por este sistema:

  • Malas condiciones del suelo: tiene la capacidad de distribuir la carga sobre una gran superficie, para así reducir la presión sobre suelo al mínimo.
  • Condiciones del suelo inestables: como se ha retirado la vía de balasto y el sistema ya no requiere apisonamiento, el suelo queda, en esencia, sellado bajo las placas, lo que crea una plataforma integrada estable que reduce la posibilidad del «bombeo» de agua.
  • Fuerzas perjudiciales por el tráfico rodado: el uso de unas losas pesadas de mayor tamaño hace que el sistema sea más estable, por lo que las fuerzas se disipan antes de que el efecto pueda causar daño alguno.
  • Corrosión del agua: la vía está unida químicamente al hormigón y, por lo tanto, protegida contra la corrosión. No se utilizan fijaciones de acero que sufrirían una corrosión acelerada debido a la presencia de agua.
  • El carril dispone de un soporte permanente, lo que reduce la carga máxima asociada al diseño tradicional de las traviesas en las vías, tanto en el tráfico ferroviario como en el tráfico rodado.
  • Menor riesgo para ciclistas y peatones gracias a la fluida integración de las losas con la superficie de la carretera.
  • Vida útil de 40 años e intervenciones de mantenimiento mínimas.

Dibujo del proyecto Newhaven, que muestra los pasos a nivel de LCS-350 de Corkelast®

PRESS RELEASE: new generation of block systems

edilon)(sedra successfully installs a RetroFit solution for worn-out metro tunnel tracks: Corkelast® EBS-RF. A proven refurbishment concept for old booted (bi-)block sleeper tracks under operation. For more information about this fast and reliable replacement solution download our press release.

Dex®-R 2K: durable rail track fixation of Liefkenshoektunnel

In the first half of December Belgian track operator Infrabel officially inaugurated the Liefkenshoek railway tunnel. 

The railway tunnel, which is part of a 16.2 km railway track,  establishes an additional link between the two banks of the Scheldt estuary in the Port of Antwerp, currently Europe’s second-largest port. To ensure a durable tunnel rail track construction edilon)(sedra delivered high-quality adhesive edilon)(sedra Dex®-R 2K and edilon)(sedra DFS (Direct Fastening System) anchor sets.

The railway line accommodates an increase in container traffic and free up capacity on the suburban rail lines to decongest the road network. Earlier Belgian rail infra projects for which Infrabel and edilon)(sedra cooperated are the Schumann tunnel in Brussels, Central Station of Antwerp, and Diabolo tunnel in Zaventem.




Drawing of the “glued in” anchor as installed in the Liefkenshoektunnel

Drawing of the “glued in” anchor as installed in the Liefkenshoektunnel

Successful start Innotrans 2014

Very successful start of trade fair: edilon)(sedra at InnoTrans 2014

edilon)(sedra is making a very successful start at Innotrans in Berlin, one of the worlds largest rail trade fairs. The experts of the sector are informed about our forward-looking, innovative rail track systems. edilon)(sedra unites economic efficiency with safe, durable and environmental friendly systems and thus contributes positively to the sustainable development of rail track systems.

Interested expert visitors make use of the possibility of exploring state-of-the-art large scale models, such as edilon)(sedra ERS (Embedded Rail System) and edilon)(sedra EBS (Embedded Block System). Moreover, it is possible to watch a selection of interesting edilon)(sedra projects movies on one of the largest videowalls of the trade fair.

Innotrans edilon)(sedra stand_1 Innotrans


Welcome to our new website!

We are excited to announce the launch of our newly designed corporate website, which is live today, Monday the 15th of September 2014!

The site’s homepage welcomes you with a clean uncluttered design and content focused on our mission to provide you with the most accurate information and share our knowledge and expertise in the field of rail track systems.

The website offers you all kinds of improved functionalities and fast access on smart phones and tablets. A broad range of edilon)(sedra cases, brochures and leaflets can be downloaded from the site. We first launch the website in English. Soon the other language ​pages will be added​.

If you experience any problems using the new website or if you have any suggestions, please contact us.

Marketing team edilon)(sedra

Best system for both worlds

An important activity for edilon)(sedra is to provide technical solutions for ‘in street’ and tunnel tracks. The basis of these solutions is our edilon)(sedra ERS (Embedded Rail System) which is a robust and proven ballast free system with flexible application options for both light and heavy rail. read full article>>