Sincere interest in the manual ‘ERS on Bridges’ during IAF Münster

edilon)(sedra looks back on an exciting IAF exhibition in Münster, Germany. Rail experts from all over the world were very interested in examining our company’s latest rail track innovations.

Special point of interest was the launch of our ‘Complete Manual Embedded Rail Systems on Bridges’.

This 40 page handbook builds the conduit between the diversity of challenges faced when designing railway bridges and the solutions that ERS Embedded Rail System provides in practice. The manual discusses different types of bridges and bridge covers, based on the compatibility of ERS, as well as solutions for transition zones, integration of compensation welds or devices, as well as glue seals, signal and detection currents and draining. Aspects such as technical implementation, operation, finances and lifespan are also discussed in detail.

Because of the frequent interest shown in this manual, we’ve decided to offer it as free PDF download option on our website: (English version) (German version)








We are looking forward to your positive feedback and we hope to see you again during the next edition of IAF!

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