Trackelast® for tram tracks on Carolabridge in Dresden

Sharing and utilizing our expertise in the field of track elasticity makes our heart beat faster!

A good example of this is the recent rehabilitation of the tram tracks on the reinforced concrete ‘Carola bridge‘ in Dresden, Germany. For this project, we engineered and installed 1.700 project specific edilon)(sedra Trackelast® BPP/RPU/6000 baseplate pads (colored orange on the photos below).

A sustainable advantage was the reuse of the existing individual supporting points of the tracks.

Prior to the rehabilitation works, our technical specialists together with specialists of DVB and HTW Dresden executed field and material tests to define the optimum static and dynamic point stiffness.

The pads ensure optimal damping of the vibrations of the trams driving over the bridge without endangering the track stability. A good investment as the solution provides an extension of the service life of the existing tracks and contributes to the preservation of the bridge structure!




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