Bridge Railtrack Competence Centre

edilon)(sedra decided to set up a Bridge Railtrack Competence Centre for the entire edilon)(sedra Group at its location in Munich, Germany. The centre is intended to grow into a central start-up centre for national and international bridge construction projects – know-how, experience and information will be consolidated centrally for employees, interested parties and partners.

Overview of services:
• Project development for infrastructure companies (tram and national railways)
• Verification of rail stress and relative displacement
• Integrated bridge dilatation joints for mixed traffic (road/rail)
• Solutions for drainage systems, rail and track connectors and earthing
• Grid blasting of the rail and steel trough surfaces
• Quality construction-accompanying surveillance by a certified supervisor

Our Corkelast® ERS (Embedded Rail System) has been installed on bridges for around 50 years, all over the world.

Sample projects:
• Hardbrücke in Zurich, Switzerland
Installation of tram track on an existing main-road bridge in the city
centre of Zurich.
• Konrad-Adenauer bridge (steel structure) in Mannheim, Germany
Installation of LK1 rail profile to ensure ultra-low height demanded by the
• Danube bridge of the ÖBB in Tulln, Austria
• Dusseldorf Südbrücke across the Rhine, Germany
• New bridge projects for the public transport operators in Bern
and Zurich (Switzerland) as well as in Gmunden am Traunsee
(Germany) are currently underway

We are currently developing standardised solutions jointly with our customer, Deutsche Bahn AG to facilitate faster construction and shorter possession times with pre-fabricated superstructure components. The integrated rails in the bridge superstructure impress with a low height and optimal noise reduction. A significant advantage is also that the rails can be replaced whenever if required without intervention at the track – this leads to favourable LCC (Life Cycle Costs).

Hardbrücke in Zurich, Switzerland

Konrad-Adenauer bridge in Mannheim, Germany

Ried bridge of the DB on the Tutzing-Kochel route, Germany

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