Trackelast® for tram tracks on Carolabridge in Dresden

Sharing and utilizing our expertise in the field of track elasticity makes our heart beat faster!

A good example of this is the recent rehabilitation of the tram tracks on the reinforced concrete ‘Carola bridge‘ in Dresden, Germany. For this project, we engineered and installed 1.700 project specific edilon)(sedra Trackelast® BPP/RPU/6000 baseplate pads (colored orange on the photos below).

A sustainable advantage was the reuse of the existing individual supporting points of the tracks.

Prior to the rehabilitation works, our technical specialists together with specialists of DVB and HTW Dresden executed field and material tests to define the optimum static and dynamic point stiffness.

The pads ensure optimal damping of the vibrations of the trams driving over the bridge without endangering the track stability. A good investment as the solution provides an extension of the service life of the existing tracks and contributes to the preservation of the bridge structure!




Installation Corkelast® EBS for Warsaw M2 at full speed!

After a period of preparatory work, our contracting partner Gülermak has started the installation of the edilon)(sedra Corkelast® Embedded Block System (EBS) for the 2nd extension of Warsaw Metro Line 2. The first EBS units are in situ installed in the slab track!

The total project includes 20 km of EBS single track, including 8 stations and a technical depot. The newly built metro tunnels will run directly under densely inhabited areas. For this reason, the investor Warsaw Metro set strict requirements for durability and vibration
control. The contract includes edilon)(sedra Trackelast® vibration damping PU-mats for the most sensitive noise and vibration mitigation areas and 41 EBS switches and crossings.

Online EBS installation training

Recently, as part of the Warsaw Metro Line 2 project, our Track Services department gave an online EBS installation training to the responsible track construction companies. During the training working methods and various challenges were discussed, such as:

– How to level and align EBS on our Trackelast® STM (Slab Track Mats)
– How to realise and secure an accurate track position and gauge with EBS alignment portals
– How to pour in situ concrete under and around the aligned EBS trays

Clear working methods are important to ensure safer, faster, more accurate and easier track construction. These training offerings are an important part of our full-service project support: from the very early track design phase to the supply and construction of our track systems.

Ligne 2 du tramway de Nice, France

Lorsqu’il s’agit d’installer des voies ferrées dans un tunnel, les exigences de sécurité sont une considération primordiale pour les entrepreneurs ou les exploitants du tunnel. Prenons l’exemple de notre récent projet de tramway en France.

Pour le tunnel de la ligne 2 du Tramway de Nice, edilon)(sedra, ETF et le sous-traitant Socotras ont installé plus de 6 000 m de produit d’étanchéité pour joints de dalles flottantes Jointelast STP conforme à la classification française de réaction au feu NF 16 101 pour les tunnels.

Au total, 6 000 m de Jointelast STP respectueux de l’environnement ont été appliqués sur les joints transversaux et longitudinaux des dalles flottantes du tunnel. En outre, 600 m ont été appliqués en guise de  joint de rail sur la voie ferrée à l’extérieur du tunnel.

La ligne 2 du tramway de Nice, longue de 11,3 km, qui est entrée en service début 2020, compte 20 stations dont 4 souterraines. La ligne suit l’axe ouest-est de la ville avec deux embranchements vers l’ouest. Le développement durable a été le « fil vert » du projet de ligne 2, valorisant son patrimoine régional et son environnement.




edilon)(sedra Newsletter April 2017

As part of the edilon)(sedra expansion and growth, we’re excited to invite you to view the April edition of our edilon)(sedra Newsletter, which is specifically designed to help contractors, design & technical engineers creating a clearer understanding of the products , systems and services available at edilon)(sedra.

Please feel free to contact us for any additional information or comments.

Ready, set, read!

edilon)(sedra at IAF Münster: engineering the future!

We are looking forward to meet you at stand S/500 Hall South of the IAF exhibition, which will take place from the 30th of May until the 1st of June in Münster, Germany. We would be delighted to give you a warm welcome and inform you about our latest developments in rail track technology and projects in Germany and indeed all around the world. Our IAF stand is centred around a number of themes. We would like to take this opportunity to explain the themes.

ERS – Launch of ‘Complete Manual Embedded Rail Systems on Bridges’
We are excited to present you our new ‘Complete Manual Embedded Rail Systems on Bridges’. This 40 page handbook attempts to build a conduit between the diversity of challenges faced when designing railway bridges and the solutions that ERS Embedded Rail System provides in practice.

For more information about the handbook, which will be available in German, English and Dutch, please contact us or visit our stand S/500!

SDS – In street tracks designed for optimal durability
Railway transportation is an indispensable part of modern society, which has to meet environmental regulations for noise and vibrations. edilon)(sedra SDS (Sound Damping System) fits perfectly into these requirements. edilon)(sedra as inventors of filler block systems, developed this cost effective track form for tramway applications.

In order to increase the isolation property of the filler block systems and rail encapsulation systems, the effective joint sealant material edilon)(sedra Jointelast STP can be combined. Jointelast STP is a highly elastic polymer-based sealant that is ideal for sealing joints in the areas of road and track construction as it adheres to steel, asphalt and concrete and it can absorb dynamic and static loads. For more information about edilon)(sedra SDS, or edilon)(sedra Jointelast STP and its diverse applications like the 7.5 km Luas Cross City tram line in Dublin, Ireland and the 80 km Education City people mover in Doha, Qatar please visit our stand S/500!

EBS – Future-proof ballastless rail system for metro Bucharest
edilon)(sedra Corkelast® EBS-MS (Embedded Block System) was chosen by Metrorex (the Bucharest Metro Authority) for their new Metro Line 5 as it provides a watertight system with optimal electrical isolation and requires virtually no maintenance. The complete system design, switch bearers and guiderail blocks were performed by edilon)(sedra Application Engineering in close co-operation with the client. A thorough study on noise and vibration effects with Slab Track Mats has been performed by the German consultant company I.B.U. in Essen, specialized in the field of noise and vibration effects.

Curious about the impact? Please visit our stand S/500! We would be delighted to inform you about our Corkelast® EBS system and the Metrorex project.

SIFER 2017: Firm foothold for Corkelast® ERS in France

The exhibition SIFER 2017 offered a perfect opportunity to strengthen business contacts and to celebrate our firm foothold of the Corkelast® ERS rail fastening solution in the French market. This conclusion was drawn at the end of the exhibition, which took place from 21 to 23 March in Lille, France.                                 

One of the highlights was the official approval of SNCF for the edilon)(sedra Corkelast® ERS (Embedded Rail System) for heavy rail and high speed traffic classes which was confirmed just before the exhibition.  In presence of SNCF delegates this important achievement was celebrated on Wednesday the 22nd with a glass of champagne at the exhibition stand.

Moreover, the exhibition provided opportunities to strengthen existing business contacts in France and Magreb but also generated many new contacts, attracted by the opportunities the SNCF homologation offers and the Application Engineering service that comes with it.

We are looking forward to the next edition of SIFER.

First Corkelast® LCS level crossing installed in the UK

During the weekend of 11 and 12 March 2017 edilon)(sedra installed its first Corkelast® LCS (Level Crossing System) in Kent, United Kingdom.

As part of the edilon)(sedra expansion and growth, we’re excited to inform you about our first Corkelast® LCS installed in the UK. The installation of the 15 meter level crossing for the client “Kent and East Sussex Railway” is a first important step in the process of becoming an approved supplier to the UK railway market. The edilon)(sedra scope of work included the engineering, the delivery of materials and equipment and the installation of the track.

edilon)(sedra Corkelast® LCS is a safe and virtually maintenance free level crossing system for heavy duty road and rail crossings (mixed traffic). The system is easy to install, has no mechanical fasteners and is completely waterproof. Furthermore it combines the powerful features of edilon)(sedra Corkelast® ERS (Embedded Rail System) with edilon)(sedra prefabricated slab tracks. The economic favourable channel design and optimally engineered thickness of the slab result in an affordable level crossing solution with a low Life Cycle Cost balance.

Trams run easier and safer in Dublin

edilon)(sedra complements the rail fastening system for the new 7.5 km Luas Cross City tram line in Dublin with the supply of high elastic rail joint sealant, Jointelast STP-25. Luas Cross City is one of the largest capital investment projects being undertaken by the Irish government at the moment and will connect the existing red and green lines to make travelling across Dublin city easier and safer.

Following the successful -trial- installation of STP-25 on Dublin’s Rosie Hackett Bridge (now known as the Marlborough bridge), this rail joint sealant was chosen again for the street running sections of the new tram line.

The 2 component elastomeric STP-25 is used to fill out the void that often is created to accommodate for a certain distance between the railhead and the streets surface. This distance prevents the, wider than the rail, tram wheel hitting asphalt pavement or other kinds of stone like street finish. Wheel (and street) damage is avoided and thus delay of expensive maintenance sequences is achieved.

Another function of STP-25 is sealing of the rail supporting system that is placed around and beneath the rail. By its excellent bonding properties and non-temperature sensitivity it provides for a durable and watertight sealant between the rail and the top surface of the street. Therewith it protects the rail fastening from corrosion or water ingress. The latter might cause electrical insulation problems that must be avoided.

STP-25 is self-levelling and not sensitive to moist. This makes installation very easy where the use of primer can be left out in most cases. Yet another advantage of this fine rail joint sealant product that can be used to improve a wide range of rail fastening systems.

The Luas Cross City tram line is scheduled to start operating before the end of 2017 at which stage the ‘missing link’ in the Luas network will be completed and a new fast and reliable modern transport system will be available.