Heikinkatu Bridge, Finland – Bridge of the Year 2018!

We are delighted to announce that the Heikinkatu Bridge in the city of Oulu has been named ‘Bridge of the Year 2018’ in Finland, a title awarded by the Finnish Association of Building Engineers! In 2017 edilon)(sedra installed its Corkelast® Embedded Rail System (Corkelast® ERS) on this state-of-the-art railway bridge.

The 2018 jury deliberated on upgrading, reinforcement or monitoring system projects conducted on bridges in Finland. According to the jury, the aesthetics of the Heikinkatu Bridge have been taken to a new level. The bridge and heavy railway tracks were upgraded and expanded (2 –> 3 tracks) in a highly challenging environment. Overall, cooperation between the various project parties was a great success.

The upgrading project was completed in 2017 meeting the set deadline and causing hardly any disturbance to railway or road traffic. To overcome the challenges posed by the very limited available structural height, the Heikinkatu Bridge was designed with a concrete deck in which the rails were installed by means of Corkelast® ERS. This resulted in a structural height of only 0.72 m. The upgrading of the bridge was commissioned by the Finnish Transport Agency. Engineering services were executed by Ramboll Finland in cooperation with edilon)(sedra.

The aim of the Bridge of the Year competition is to pay tribute to sustainable bridges and those operating optimally, and to enhance the quality of bridges. The Bridge of the Year title has been awarded since 2001.

Future-proofed rail system for Bucharest’s Metro Line 5

The city of Bucharest in Romania faces substantial daily costs and effort in maintaining its existing metro lines. Cost and maintenance considerations were the driving factors for the operator Metrorex S.A. to choose a new and durable track fastening system for the new Metro Line 5: edilon)(sedra Corkelast® EBS (Embedded Block System).

In total, 15 km of Corkelast® EBS track, including 10 metro stations and a depot, is currently being installed in Bucharest.

In order to comply with the latest European standards, the decision was taken to apply the edilon)(sedra Corkelast® EBS, in medium stiffness. In areas sensitive to critical frequency vibrations, such as the Romanian National Opera, edilon)(sedra Trackelast® STM (Slab Track Mats) are utilised. All materials have been thoroughly tested by leading international universities and test institutes.

Installation of edilon)(sedra Corkelast® EBS and Trackelast® STM, for Bucharest Metro Line 5

Robotized production of the Corkelast® EBS blocks and trays

Just-in-time level crossing solution London Underground

edilon)(sedra started supplying a just-in-time level crossing solution for London Underground. The edilon)(sedra Corkelast® LCS-350 solution, which will be installed in the Ruislip depot, saves London Underground  money on storage and handling.

In the first week of February 2018 a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) was carried out by London Underground, which involved a full dimensional check to ensure the level crossing slabs were identical to submitted and approved technical design documents.  The FAT was given a pass by London Underground.

The slab manufacturing plant is in Cornwall, United Kingdom, where under the guidance of edilon)(sedra Application Engineering and edilon)(sedra Contracting the slabs are manufactured.

The installation of the 53 m level crossing (18 x 3 m slabs / curve radius: 121 m) will be carried out during the weekend of 16, 17 and 18 February 2018.

Factory Acceptance Test carried out by London Underground

Combi terminal New Arken, Gothenburg

In the Swedish city of Gothenburg a new combi terminal ‘New Arken’ is being realised. For track 903, main contractor NCC awarded edilon)(sedra the assignment to realise 622.5 meters of Corkelast® HSTS (Heavy rail Slab Track System), a combination of prefabricated concrete slabs, type ‘New Arken’ and the edilon)(sedra Corkelast® ERS (Embedded Rail System).

In addition edilon)(sedra will realise four 18 meter level crossings in Tracks 911a/b and Tracks 912a/b near the entrance of the terminal. These level crossings (situated in curves of R=150m and R=200m) will be of edilon)(sedra type LCS-L3. The edilon)(sedra part of the project will be realised in September 2017. The turnkey project, including slab design, implementation of the slabs and ERS application, is expected to take around 3 weeks. NCC is working for the Port of Gothenburg, the owner of the ‘New Arken kombiterminal’. When the terminal is finished it will be operated by Sandahlsbolagen.

The New Arken project is comparable with our recent container terminal project ‘TCT Venlo’ in the Netherlands. In the summer of 2015 we supplied 1.200 meters of Corkelast® edilon)(sedra HSTS for this terminal.


Replacement blocks Hemtunnel Zaandam, The Netherlands

On the 26th of April and the 15th of July edilon)(sedra started the replacement of the block based track system in the tunnel ‘Hemtunnel’ in Zaandam by the state-of-the-art Corkelast® Embedded Block System (EBS), after being almost 35 years in service.

The first 345 blocks from a total of 1.560 blocks were replaced by EBS type 54-E1 in only two short night shifts. edilon)(sedra is responsible for the engineering and production of the blocks as well as the on-site installation, including the delivery of tools and equipment.

Increasingly, EBS is being chosen as the preferred track system for replacing traditional block-based systems in tunnels. The Corkelast® based system offers an easy and flexible installation and therefore a very short out-of-service period. Furthermore EBS is applied because of its durable characteristics. The system ensures a strong reduction of dynamic loads and vibrations and excellent electrical insulation which is important in areas with moisture and/or risk for corrosion.

In the next period the remaining 1.215 blocks will be replaced, after which the Hemtunnel track will ready for many years of safe and reliable rail transport.

Recently installed EBS in the Hemtunnel

EBS designs for the Hemtunnel (the light blue marked part is the Corkelast® bonding elastomer)

Level crossings for Paris T4 tram-train extension

On the 20th and 21st of July, 160 meters of Corkelast® Level Crossing System (LCS) was installed as part of the Paris T4 tram-train extension near Gargan station. edilon)(sedra carried out the design,  application engineering and supply of the system for our client SNCF, in full conformity with SNCF’s approval for LCS and in close cooperation with project partners Delcourt Rail and Systra.

Standard design 6 meter LCS slabs were installed, as well as special designed tapered 3 meter slabs for the curved part of the track. Part of the specific engineering work for layout and installation  was to accommodate the narrow curve radius of 80 meters. This allows the rails to follow the curves in straight channels. Two of the 3 meter slabs were specially designed in order to accommodate a detection loop.

Commencing on the 20th of July, the slab installation took place in a short time frame of 8,5 hours. The installation time on average was 15 minutes per slab. Due to the difficult access conditions for the trucks,  the delivery schedule had to be followed perfectly. The unloading of the slabs and the slab installation was assured by a 400 ton mobile crane. Rail alignment and the pouring of the rail embedding elastomer Corkelast® followed quickly. The track work was finished the next day in two short shifts.

The level crossings are part of a 6,5 km route that will extend the T4 line east from Gargan station to Montfermeil. The T4 extension will be opened for passengers at the end of 2019.

Installation of the LCS slabs for T4 near Gargan station

In 2006 edilon)(sedra supplied Corkelast® LCS level crossings for T4 from Bondy to Aulnay. After 10 years in service these level crossings are still in perfect shape – so far no maintenance action has been required.

Rail replacement Moerdijk bridge, The Netherlands

From the 25th of July to the 11th of August Dutch rail structure operator ProRail, contractor Strukton and edilon)(sedra will replace 2 x 1.026 m of the rails on the Moerdijk bridge in the Netherlands constructed with Corkelast® ERS Embedded Rail System.

During these days a project team of edilon)(sedra will work closely together with their project partners in order to finish this comprehensive project in the agreed short time frame.

The renovation of the Moerdijk bridge ensures that passenger and freight trains can ride the bridge safely and reliably in the coming years.

Curious about this project? We are currently working on the movie ‘Moerdijk bridge – rail replacement’ which will be released next September. Watch a preview of this movie here.


More info about railway bridge engineering and our Corkelast® ERS bridge projects? Download here our 40 page Handbook Embedded Rail Systems on Bridges (free of charge download).

First Corkelast® LCS level crossing installed in the UK

During the weekend of 11 and 12 March 2017 edilon)(sedra installed its first Corkelast® LCS (Level Crossing System) in Kent, United Kingdom.

As part of the edilon)(sedra expansion and growth, we’re excited to inform you about our first Corkelast® LCS installed in the UK. The installation of the 15 meter level crossing for the client “Kent and East Sussex Railway” is a first important step in the process of becoming an approved supplier to the UK railway market. The edilon)(sedra scope of work included the engineering, the delivery of materials and equipment and the installation of the track.

edilon)(sedra Corkelast® LCS is a safe and virtually maintenance free level crossing system for heavy duty road and rail crossings (mixed traffic). The system is easy to install, has no mechanical fasteners and is completely waterproof. Furthermore it combines the powerful features of edilon)(sedra Corkelast® ERS (Embedded Rail System) with edilon)(sedra prefabricated slab tracks. The economic favourable channel design and optimally engineered thickness of the slab result in an affordable level crossing solution with a low Life Cycle Cost balance.

Trams run easier and safer in Dublin

edilon)(sedra complements the rail fastening system for the new 7.5 km Luas Cross City tram line in Dublin with the supply of high elastic rail joint sealant, Jointelast STP-25. Luas Cross City is one of the largest capital investment projects being undertaken by the Irish government at the moment and will connect the existing red and green lines to make travelling across Dublin city easier and safer.

Following the successful -trial- installation of STP-25 on Dublin’s Rosie Hackett Bridge (now known as the Marlborough bridge), this rail joint sealant was chosen again for the street running sections of the new tram line.

The 2 component elastomeric STP-25 is used to fill out the void that often is created to accommodate for a certain distance between the railhead and the streets surface. This distance prevents the, wider than the rail, tram wheel hitting asphalt pavement or other kinds of stone like street finish. Wheel (and street) damage is avoided and thus delay of expensive maintenance sequences is achieved.

Another function of STP-25 is sealing of the rail supporting system that is placed around and beneath the rail. By its excellent bonding properties and non-temperature sensitivity it provides for a durable and watertight sealant between the rail and the top surface of the street. Therewith it protects the rail fastening from corrosion or water ingress. The latter might cause electrical insulation problems that must be avoided.

STP-25 is self-levelling and not sensitive to moist. This makes installation very easy where the use of primer can be left out in most cases. Yet another advantage of this fine rail joint sealant product that can be used to improve a wide range of rail fastening systems.

The Luas Cross City tram line is scheduled to start operating before the end of 2017 at which stage the ‘missing link’ in the Luas network will be completed and a new fast and reliable modern transport system will be available.