HKL Helsinki choose edilon)(sedra ERS for new bridge in Helsinki

edilon)(sedra successfully installed 208 meters of  ERS-track on the new Pasila bridge in the city of Helsinki. The track installation in the Finnish capital took place in mid-July 2015 and is the first project for HKL (Helsinki City Transport) in which ERS (Embedded Rail System) is applied.

The ERS installation was done as a turnkey-job by edilon)(sedra Contracting, in good and close cooperation with HKL. The bridge is planned to be finished in September 2015.

The new bridge is built right next to the existing Pasila bridge. The two bridges will be connected, creating a new double tram track in the middle and so providing more space for the (separated) road traffic.

Important factors, why HKL have chosen for ERS, were the maximum stray current protection and the low building height. But the fact that ERS is virtually a maintenance free system, and thus providing maximum availability of the track and saving in the long term future financial outlay, which was also a key element in their decision.

HKL has planned the renewal of the old part of the bridge in 2016. And also for the new track on this part of the bridge ERS is their preferred solution.

installation of edilon)(sedra ERS - Pasila bridge Helsinki

Installation of edilon)(sedra ERS – Pasila bridge Helsinki

French Tunnel de Montets: unique dual way solution

Railway tunnel ‘Tunnel de Montets’ located in the French Alps celebrates its first year of exploitation. This week, exactly one year ago the tunnel opened its doors after completing a full refurbishment with edilon)(sedra ERS (Embedded Rail System). Four seasons, including extreme cold and a winter with heavy snow falls,  later, the experiences and reactions in the local media are overwhelmingly positive.

Located in a mountain valley, the Tunnel des Montets has a double feature, unique in France and elsewhere: The tunnel  has been converted to a dual purpose railway tunnel which can also be used by cars and trucks when the mountain pass ‘Col des Montets’ is closed to traffic due to winter weather conditions.

The refurbishment with ERS was an important part of the modernisation of the Tunnel de Montets (line St. Gervais – Chamonix). The installed system not only improved the accessibility, safety and environment, it also offers (local) economic advantages because of the efficient use of the tunnel.

More information about the Refurbishment of Tunnel de Montets? Please watch our YouTube video or download our show case.

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Renovation of edilon)(sedra ERS tracks in ATOCHA HSL station Madrid after more than 20 years in service

edilon)(sedra recently renovated part of the rail track in Platform 5 of the railway station Madrid-Puerta de Atocha. Since the construction in 1992 the ERS (Embedded Rail System) did not require any maintenance. 

The rails at the tight curved approach and straight platform tracks needed to be renewed. The 1st phase of renovating 15 tracks started in June 2015 at Platform 5. The total track renovation was completed in a short Sunday shift, without any nuisance for the public or timetable.

Maintenance free system
The old station ‘Estación de Atocha’ (now called ‘Estación de Madrid-Puerta de Atocha’) is one of the most beautiful architectural complexes in Madrid. The first high-speed line in Spain was built in 1992 by edilon)(sedra and connected the cities of Seville and Madrid.

With more than 20 years in service, ADIF never had to change rails or maintain the ERS system, which proves the extended lifetime of ERS rails and its maintenance-free feature. For more information please download the case Renovation Platform 5 Estación de Madrid-Puerta de Atocha.

station madrid

Atocha edilon)(sedra






















Renewal of tram line 2 in Budapest, Hungary

The number of tourists and commuters in Hungary’s capital city Budapest is growing rapidly. In order to facilitate this growth, heavy investments in infrastructure are made. 

The renewal of tramway line no. 2 with edilon)(sedra ERS (Embedded Rail System)  has been constructed in close cooperation with the contractors Normalnyomtav and Vasutépítő. Approximately  2.000 meters of track have been built in the historical surroundings of the parliament buildings of Budapest. As this area consists of major tourist attractions, the possession times had to be strictly met which created a logistical challenge for the complete city.

The durable rail track system proved to be a quick installation and integrates perfectly with the road / square appearance.  Steel channels offer accurate track alignment and durabillity. These are just a few examples of how edilon)(sedra ERS contributes to one of Europe’s most densely tramway networks and ensures its functionality for the coming decades.

For more information please download our Case edilon)(sedra ERS for tram line 2 Budapest, Hungary.

edilon)(sedra ERS_Budapest_tram_line2