Future-proofed rail system for Bucharest’s Metro Line 5

The city of Bucharest in Romania faces substantial daily costs and effort in maintaining its existing metro lines. Cost and maintenance considerations were the driving factors for the operator Metrorex S.A. to choose a new and durable track fastening system for the new Metro Line 5: edilon)(sedra Corkelast® EBS (Embedded Block System).

In total, 15 km of Corkelast® EBS track, including 10 metro stations and a depot, is currently being installed in Bucharest.

In order to comply with the latest European standards, the decision was taken to apply the edilon)(sedra Corkelast® EBS, in medium stiffness. In areas sensitive to critical frequency vibrations, such as the Romanian National Opera, edilon)(sedra Trackelast® STM (Slab Track Mats) are utilised. All materials have been thoroughly tested by leading international universities and test institutes.

Installation of edilon)(sedra Corkelast® EBS and Trackelast® STM, for Bucharest Metro Line 5

Robotized production of the Corkelast® EBS blocks and trays

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