Green tracks for Mannheim’s longest tram line

The Final Spurt on Mannheim’s longest tram line…Now just to water the track to make the grass grow!

It took round about 80 days of construction time to renew the track system of the light rail line 1 which was originally installed in 1979 between Casterfeld Straße and Neckarauer Straße. The rnv (Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH) deliberately opted for a modern, currently very much in demand type of green track. The visual enhancement of the areas next to the grey asphalt car lanes, as well as the sound dampening and the improved microclimate were at the forefront of the decision for the green track.

Up to the end of the Autumn in 2021 edilon)(sedra has supplied mainly filler blocks type ‘Mannheim light’ for rail type 49E1, customized to individual requirements e.g. different heights for different track sections or applications, for a total track length of 3800 m.

The filler blocks are part of the well-known edilon)(sedra SDS System (Sound Damping System), which is made of recycled material and 100% recyclable. All in all, a durable system for urban grass track applications!

Advantages of edilon)(sedra green tracks:

  • Cooling effect
  • Noise reduction
  • Absorption of fine dust
  • Reduction of the soil sealing intensity
  • Biodiverse and incredibly good looking


Source: rnv GmbH
from left: Martin in der Beek (Managing Director rnv), Christian Specht (First Mayor and ÖPNV-Head of Department Mannheim), Elke Zimmer (MdL), Marcus Geithe (Managing Director MV Verkehr GmbH)



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