Asian projects highlighted

CountryApplicationProjectedilon)(sedra track systemMore information?
TaiwanHigh speed train stationTaipei – New Taipei High Speed Rail StationCorkelast® ERS (Embedded Rail System)Download project case
TurkeyHigh speed train stationAnkara High Speed station development and installationCorkelast® ERS (Embedded Rail System)Download project case

JapanLight Rail in streetToyama – Toyama Sea-Port Line development and installationCorkelast® USTS (Urban Slab Track System)Download project case
TaiwanLight Rail in streetKaohsiung & Ankeng development and installation of light rail trackSDS-M (Sound Damping System)
TurkeyLevel crossing for tramsKayseri – installation of level crossing for new Kayseri Tram Talas LineCorkelast® LCS (Level Crossing System)Download project case
Saudi ArabiaDepot for trainsAl Nariyah – development and installation of busy desert depotCorkelast® ERS (Embedded Rail System)Download project case
United Arab EmiratesDepot for trainsDubai – 2 new depots for Dubai metro red lineCorkelast® ERS (Embedded Rail System)Download project case
QatarDepot for people mover Doha – People mover depot development and installationCorkelast® EBS (Embedded Block System)Download project case
PhilippinesDepot for light rail Pasay, Manila – Replacement existing concrete-embedded depot track, for elastically embedded pit-trackCorkelast® ERS (Embedded Rail System)Download project case
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