Innovative strategy for extension railway line Toyama, Japan

Ten years after edilon)(sedra installed 1.163 meter of Corkelast® USTS (Urban Slab Track System) in Toyama Japan, the city has a very innovative strategy to further extend this successful tram system.

In the past the city centre of Toyama was practically divided in half by a railway line, and new tram operations started up in the part which still had no tram. To bring people living in the suburbs into the city, a disused railway line was refurbished for tram operation and laid into the city centre (to the railway station). This new tram line (Seaport Line) for which the slab track system was installed by edilon)(sedra, is operated by Toyama Light Rail Co. Ltd., opened in 2006.

Nowadays there are two standalone systems which are only separated by the railway lines. With the extension of the railway line in Toyama for the Shinkansen and Toyama railway station, the idea emerged of connecting the two tram systems with a new underpass which has yet to be built. It is planned to connect the existing terminus of each system at the railway station in 2020. The vision would then become reality, and Toyama would have one continuous high-performance tram system.

In the Seaport Line project we were joined by Hanning & Kahl  as partner from the European Transportation Technology Group (TTG). Together, we demonstrated that European technology offers ideal solutions for safe, modern, long-lasting and thus economically-efficient tram systems.

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Case edilon)(sedra USTS (Urban Slab Track System) – Toyama, Japan

Toyama Japan - edilon)(sedra Corkelast ERS_1 Toyama Japan - edilon)(sedra Corkelast ERS_2

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