Maintenance-intensive rubber panel level crossing replaced by durable Corkelast®

In July 2019, edilon)(sedra replaced a double track level crossing in the city of Bergen, Norway. The original crossing, which is comprised of rubber panels, had to be replaced by a more durable solution. Client Bergen Bybanen found Corkelast® LCS-350 (Level Crossing System) to be the solution.

Issues with the panels and corroded fastening clips emerged a few years after the installation of the rubber panels. Heavy road traffic damaged the panels causing them to come loose. Loose rubbel panels carry a risk from a safety point of view.

In the run-up to the replacement of the crossing we solved some challenges. The importance of the Light Rail system in Bergen made it nearly impossible to shut down the line. It was also very difficult to determine the right time to carry out the work. In order to solve these challenges, we teamed up with local partners and set up an efficient work schedule. The complete installation was carried out over 4 night shifts, ahead of schedule. This allowed the trams to remail operational during the day. With the electrical insulating Corkelast® LCS level crossing in place, trams and (heavy) road traffic can once again make safe use of the track without there being any need for regular inspections.


Removal of the rubber crossing panel system








Installation of the Corkelast® LCS-350 slabs

Tram track remained operational during installation


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