Red Line light rail project, Tel Aviv

Playing a role in different track related project disciplines, from the technical advice and track design to the supply and installation of track systems. This is when we are at our best! Our ultimate goal: the delivery of sustainable track systems.

Take for example the current Red Line light rail project in Tel Aviv, Israel. Initially, edilon)(sedra Iberica advised the infrastructure consultants Ineco (Spain) and Chinese contractors CRTG-EEB Red Line Systems, L.P. with track and compliance related aspects for the tender specifications. This cooperation led to the implementation of a series of interesting project solutions.

To ensure perfect electrical insulation of the track at the Kiryat Aryeh light rail depot, the Corkelast® Embedded Rail System was selected and installed, to meet the demanding requirements of the tender specification. After this positive experience, a sustainable watertight rail joint solution to seal off the fastening of the Red Line track was provided. Also, environmental friendly Jointelast STP was provided as durable sealant of the floating slab track joints. This sealant can handle movements of up to 2 mm.

To improve the electrical isolation properties of the standard rail fastening, the rail coating solution Editack N was offered for 24 km of light rail track. All in compliance with strict requirements of the local authorities on electrical insulation. Last but not least, our high-performance Corkelast® ERS was selected as part of the rail track construction for blast protective tunnel doors. This is what we’re all about: playing a versatile role as solution providers in technically challenging rail track projects!

The Red Line will connect two cities of the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area: Petah Tikva and Bat Yam. The line will be 24 km long and include 33 stops. The city authorities plan to extend the network with three new lines. The Red Line project was awarded in December 2006 to the Metropolitan Transportation Solution (MTS). The operational date is planned for the end of 2021.






Corkelast® ERS on new Botlek bridge

The new Botlek lift bridge over the Maas in the port of Rotterdam sets standards! It is the largest lifting mass in the world and offers the fastest lift/lower cycle. The bridge should have a lifespan of 100 years and must withstand 900.000 lifting operations without damage.

The new Botlek Bridge is a combined rail and road bridge that replaces the old Botlek Bridge, as part of a major renovation of the A15 motorway in the Netherlands.

This bridge is really a ‘steel chunk of superlatives’: Its two movable superstructures each have a span of 92 m and are around 50 m wide. Each of these monster parts weighs 4.850 t. Together they could practically outweigh the Eiffel Tower!

Such an impressive bridge deserves an impressive track system. We are proud to be involved in this project by providing technical advice, the track design, components and the installation of the double track. Our Corkelast® ERS Embedded Rail System was installed to attain the highest track availability.

The railway bridge is planned to be operational in Spring 2021. The construction consortium A-Lanes consists of John Laing, Strabag, Ballast Nedam and Strukton.

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New iconic Kazungula railway bridge nearing completion!

In near future, travelling between Zambia and Botswana will get easier, smoother and faster, when the new Kazungula road/railway bridge, currently in completion across the waters of the Zambezi, is commissioned for public use.

When completed, the bridge will be connected to the Mosetse-Kazungula Railway. The 923 m long masterpiece will link the town of Kazungula in Zambia with Botswana. At this point, four countries – Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe – meet.

With the support of the AfDB African Development Bank, the Kazungula bridge project will open up economic opportunities across the region.

edilon)(sedra are proud to be part of this iconic structure, supplying 1.500 m of Corkelast® ERS Embedded Rail System to client IkusasaRail, providing a virtually maintenance free track system for years to come.

In this video the benefits of the bridge are explained:



Rail track heroes

Like many other companies, edilon)(sedra is faced with challenging times due to the Coronavirus. Of course we have our rail track heroes, our colleagues that provide tremendous support to the industry! Our production continues to manufacture and supply materials for track installations. Our technical departments and sales engineers have adapted to the challenging circumstances, in supporting customers with project preparations. Our track workers are carrying out installation works under while respecting the new social spacing challenge. Furthermore:

  • We support our customers with online work instructions via Microsoft Skype or Teams. Recently, before the actual start of construction works a Skype work instruction training was provided to delegates from CRTG (China Railway Tunnel Group Co.) and EBB (China Railway Electrification Bureau Group Co.) for project Tel Aviv Light Rail – Red Line.
  • We support our customers by means of remote tests facilities and software.
  • We support our customers with infrastructural projects which due to the present situation have been forced forward. For example, in March and April 2020 we supplied materials for a track renovation of the Schiphol Train Tunnel. This job was forced forward due to the current low utilization of ProRail tracks in The Netherlands.

With that and more we aim to secure that the rail fastening systems of our customers’ projects are engineered, supplied and installed for railway projects around the globe while respecting all safety precautions.

If you need our assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to support you in the continuation of your business processes.

Schiphol train tunnel


Seamless integration of Corkelast ERS in new ‘Hisings Bridge’, Gothenburg

edilon)(sedra has been contracted to supply and install more than 2 km of Corkelast® ERS (Embedded Rail System) as part of the tram line on the newly built ‘Hisings Bridge’ in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The bridge, which is currently under construction, will replace the existing ‘Göta älv Bridge’ which is in a poor condition and needs to be replaced to avoid high maintenance costs. The bridge connects central Gothenburg with Hisingen city and includes a vertical-lift section.

The first meetings between Gothenburg City (Traffikkontoret), COWI (the lead-engineers) and edilon)(sedra took place in 2012. From the very beginning our ERS has been one of the preferred system solutions and in February 2020 our company was officially awarded the contract.

Cost effective designs

One of the arguments in favour of ERS is its limited installation height as the rail system is completely incorporated in the bridge superstructure. The system thereby saves space and promotes cost effective designs. Additional benefits include its excellent vibration isolation characteristics and positive experiences in the past: ERS is already in use in more than 10 km of rail track in Gothenburg!

State-of-the-art track system solution for Metro Line 2 Warsaw

Did you know that we are actively involved in one of the largest metro projects in Eastern Europe? We supplied a state-of-the-art track system solution for Line 2 of the Warsaw metro network in Poland, based on Corkelast® EBS blocks and Trackelast® mats, offering optimal noise & vibration control especially for critical areas in the city.

No less than 27 km of edilon)(sedra Corkelast® EBS track was installed, including Trackelast® noise & vibration mats, EBS bearers for turnouts, crossroads and double track connections and 520 m of Corkelast® ERS (Embedded Rail System) track. Part of this project are the three newly built stations: Szwedzka,Targówek Mieszkaniowy and Trocka. In the first week of operation of the Targówek extension, 900.000 people used Line 2 of the Warsaw Metro! Further network extensions are planned for the near future.

The metro project can be divided into three phases. For each phase you can check the related colored lines in the illustration below.

Red line: this is the central section of the metro network from Rondo Daszyńskiego to Dworzec Wileński. The line has been in operation since 2015.
Dark blue line: this marks the first east extension to Targówek which was officially opened on the 15th of September 2019.
Green line: this is the first extension to the Wola department in the west section of the metro network. Track works are finished, this extension will be opened in 2020.



Targówek extension of Warsaw Metro Line 2 | Source: Jakub Pietras, Gülermak

Targówek extension of Warsaw Metro Line 2 | Source: Jakub Pietras, Gülermak

New series of level crossings for the Danish port of Fredericia

Durable solution for greater freight capacity, improved transport efficiency and cleaner air

After the installation of a series of edilon)(sedra Corkelast® LCS level crossings in June 2019 in the port of Fredericia, our company installed another level crossing in September 2019. This 165 m crossing, with a 150 m radius curve, is the heavy duty “CT” version of Corkelast® LCS-350.

We were responsible for the slab design, installation of the slabs, planning and application of the Corkelast® LCS. The new crossings will result in greater freight capacity, improved transport efficiency and cleaner air. Freight can be switched between road, rail and sea more easily and efficiently.

“Fredericia Havn” opted for Corkelast® LCS because of good experiences with this level crossing system in the past. During the installation process the harbour remained in operation 24/7.

Corkelast® LCS-350CT level crossing installed in September 2019

Corkelast® LCS-350CT level crossing installed in September 2019

Corkelast® LCS-350CT level crossing installed in September 2019

The port of Fredericia project is comparable to our recent container terminal projects “TCT Venlo” in the Netherlands and “New Arken Kombiterminal” in Gothenburg, Sweden.

New Arken Kombiterminal in Sweden

Container terminal TCT Venlo in the Netherlands

Container terminal TCT Venlo in the Netherlands


Maintenance-intensive rubber panel level crossing replaced by durable Corkelast®

In July 2019, edilon)(sedra replaced a double track level crossing in the city of Bergen, Norway. The original crossing, which is comprised of rubber panels, had to be replaced by a more durable solution. Client Bergen Bybanen found Corkelast® LCS-350 (Level Crossing System) to be the solution.

Issues with the panels and corroded fastening clips emerged a few years after the installation of the rubber panels. Heavy road traffic damaged the panels causing them to come loose. Loose rubbel panels carry a risk from a safety point of view.

In the run-up to the replacement of the crossing we solved some challenges. The importance of the Light Rail system in Bergen made it nearly impossible to shut down the line. It was also very difficult to determine the right time to carry out the work. In order to solve these challenges, we teamed up with local partners and set up an efficient work schedule. The complete installation was carried out over 4 night shifts, ahead of schedule. This allowed the trams to remail operational during the day. With the electrical insulating Corkelast® LCS level crossing in place, trams and (heavy) road traffic can once again make safe use of the track without there being any need for regular inspections.


Removal of the rubber crossing panel system








Installation of the Corkelast® LCS-350 slabs

Tram track remained operational during installation


Durable level crossing for the Port of Fredericia, Denmark

Groth in logisitics and the assurance of a well-maintained harbour terminal stimulated the need for renewal of the level crossings at the Port of Fredericia in Denmark.

In order to facilitate freight trains and 110 t axle load reach stackers, a durable level crossing system was needed. Client ‘Fredericia Havn’ opted for the edilon)(sedra Corkelast® LCS (type LCS-350) solution, because of good experiences with edilon)(sedra level crossings in the past.

The first 4 standard level crossings were installed by edilon)(sedra in June; 118m of Corkelast® LCS in total. During the installation process the harbour remained in operation 24/7. The 5th level crossing will be installed in September 2019. This 165m level crossing, with a 150m radius curve, will be the Heavy Duty version LCS-350CT. This Container Terminal (CT) version is specially designed to cope with heavy reach stackers, which will operate in this specific area of the harbour.

edilo)(sedra is responsible for the slab design, installation of the slabs, planning and application of the Corkelast® ERS. The new level crossings wil result in greater freight capacity, improved transport efficiency and cleaner air. Freight can switch more easily and efficiently between road, rail and sea.

This Port of Fredericia project is comparable to our recent container terminal project ‘TCT Venlo’ in the Netherlands and the New Arken Combi Terminal project in Sweden.


Floating bridge system

Running Light Rail over the Longest Floating Bridge in the World

A first-in-the-world achievement: running Light Rail over the Longest Floating Bridge in the World in Seattle!
edilon)(sedra is proud to be one of the project partners and to be involved in the fastening of the lightweight track to the pre-stressed deck of the longest floating bridge in the world: the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge.
Watch the video below and find out how Light Rail trains will run across this moving bridge, connecting Seattle and the east side of Lake Washington.