Corkelast® EBS for Warsaw Metro Line 2

edilon)(sedra has been awarded the contract to supply ballastless track systems for the 2nd extension of Warsaw Metro Line 2 for the Turkish contractor Gülermak. The total project includes approx. 20 km of Corkelast® EBS (Embedded Block System) single track, including 8 stations and a technical depot.

The newly built metro tunnels will run directly under densely inhabited areas. For this reason, the investor Warsaw Metro set strict requirements for durability and vibration control. EBS complies in full with these requirements.

The contract includes edition)(sedra Trackelast® vibration damping PU-mats for the most sensitive noise and vibration mitigation areas and 41 EBS switches and crossings. The EBS system has been used in every new section of the Warsaw Metro network since 2008, including the complete 2nd line.

Additionally, almost 5 km of Corkelast® ERS (Embedded Rail System) single track will be installed.

The project has already started. Agreement has been reached on a delivery schedule.

RetroFit project Metro Valencia, Spain

At the start of 2019 the old booted sleeper track of Metro line 2 of Metro Valencia needed to be replaced. The booted blocks were completely worn out. Tie-bars had to be removed due to corrosion and electrical isolation problems. The track no longer functioned according to the system requirements of today’s regulations.

One of the most serious problems for Metro Valencia is the groundwater level. The water has caused severe corrosion on the rails, on the fastening systems and on other elements of the track.edilon)(sedra Application Engineering was consulted at the initial stage of the replacement project for technical advice and to analyse the existing track and concrete structure.

Rail, track conditions and dimensions were carefully checked. A renewal plan was created fitting the demands on quality, noise, vibration and possession times. To keep the trains running smoothly during the day, track maintenance on this metro line was implemented in a few short night shifts of only 3,5 hours. Implications for the environment and stakeholders were taken into careful consideration. edilon)(sedra prepared the renewal works, in partnership with the Valencian public railway company FGV and the contractor Comsa. The new Corkelast® EBS-RF system, was installed by a small team of people and number of tools, under close supervision.

The completed installation was carefully inspected, resulting in a watertight, electrically insulated and low vibration metro track, ready for transportation of tens of thousands of passengers a day!

Do you experience problems similar to FGV with booted block or bi-block sleeper tracks? Please contact us for free advice and consultation.

Tramway Extension Piraeus: tram re-introduced in the city after 40 years

On February 7, 2019 the first tram test ride took place for the new 6 km Tramway Extension to Piraeus in the Athens urban area. The newly installed tram track covers many contemporary travel needs and provides a durable solution in a crowded and historical city.

This turnkey project was awarded to Themeli SA as general contractor. edilon)(sedra contributed with the general design of the system, supply of materials and provision of technical support, training and quality control assistance.

The strict requirements for noise and vibration control set by the supervising authority ATTIKO METRO S.A. are met by edilon)(sedra’s Corkelast® Embedded Rail System in combination with edilon)(sedra’s prefabricated floating Slab Track System, in order to overcome the sensitive soil conditions close to the sea side. Over half of the slab track length edilon)(sedra Slab Track Mats are installed, forming a resilient substructure.

Throughout the length of the project, there are around 25 switches and crossings included along the prefabricated Slab Track System, which is expected to minimise nuisance to the city’s vivid everyday life and crowded traffic. In addition, this track system allows for relatively shallow excavation depth thus minimising the risk of intervening with the archaeological wealth that lies underground.

Once all tests are successful, the tramway extension to Piraeus will be released to commercial operation and the tram will be re-introduced in the city after nearly 40 years.

Watch video:

 Highlights of the project:

  • Because the tramway crosses the centre of Piraeus and in some cases the track is located <5 m from buildings an important component of the design was the reduction of noise and vibration. This was accomplished by the use of a continuous rail strip in combination with the rail embedding elastomer Corkelast® VA-60.
  • Stray current protection was created by use of Corkelast® VA-60 and Stray Current Protection Mats for additional bridge protection.
  • The risk in Piraeus as in many parts of Athens is the ever present archaeological findings which if disturbed would result in project delays. Therefore the low prefabricated slab height provided an ideal solution to install a tramway track without disturbing either the services nor the archaeological situation.
  • The track system is designed to accommodate a combination of dedicated tram and mixed road traffic.
  • The Slab Track System was installed in 25 m radius, bridges, turnouts, stations and road elevations.
  • Installation was carried out in temperatures ranging from 5 to 40 degrees Celsius.

Renewal of tracks on steel bridge in Bern, Switzerland

edilon)(sedra has recently completed the renewal of rail tracks on the more than 130 years old steel bridge named “Kirchenfeldbrücke” over the river Aare in Bern, Switzerland. The order included the delivery of Corkelast® ERS system (450 m of track), rail expansion joints, steel trough construction as well as consultancy and quality control supervision.

An important reason for the track renewal and the application of Corkelast® ERS was the increase of the allowed axle load for the trams on the bridge from 9.6 to 10.5 tons, as modern tramcars of today are heavier than in the past. Also, Corkelast® ERS allows for reduced installation height and vibration noise reduction.

edilon)(sedra delivered the complete engineering together with partner ZM-I (Zilch + Müller Ingenieure GmbH):
• Special engineering for the tram track
• Static proofs
• Conceptual planning and implementation
• Planning of the bridge-expansion-joints
• Concept designs to earth the rails and steel troughs
• Concept designs for drainage

On the 15th of October 2018 the bridge was reopened for tram service and traffic, ahead of schedule.

“Kirchenfeldbrücke” in Bern, Switzerland

Installation of the Corkelast® ERS track

A tram on the new Corkelast® ERS track

Track replacement ONCF Tunnel de Rabat Ville, Morocco

Very short possession time and optimised tunnel clearance due to Corkelast® ERS.

In October 2018 edilon)(sedra successfully completed a complicated track replacement operation in the “Tunnel de Rabat Ville”, Morocco. The transition of 2 x 1.300 m ballasted track to Corkelast® ERS (Embedded Rail System) was performed in a very short possession time, while one track remained in 24/7 operation.

The renovation of the track was part of a larger tunnel renovation in which the reinforcement of the tube structure reduced the clearance of the tunnel. In order to compensate this reduction, Corkelast® ERS was chosen as track system for the replacement of the old ballasted tracks. The system contributed to a favorable tunnel clearance by lowering the level of the rail significantly.

The concrete slab was built in only 2 weeks. Both the rail and the Corkelast® ERS were installed in only 5 days per track! ONCF was extremely satisfied with this accomplishment. The Corkelast® ERS design is in accordance with the SNCF Corkelast® ERS approval and in full compliance with EN13481-5:2012.

Following the successful installation of more than 80.000 m of Corkelast® ERS in tunnels worldwide, our first important Corkelast® ERS tunnel project in Morocco has been successfully realized. Another milestone for edilon)(sedra!

Watch project video

Tunnel remained in 24/7 operation during installation


Favorable building height Corkelast® ERS versus ballasted track


Construction of the 2 Corkelast® ERS tracks in Tunnel de Rabat Ville, Morocco

Construction of the 2 Corkelast® ERS tracks in Tunnel de Rabat Ville, Morocco

Heikinkatu Bridge, Finland – Bridge of the Year 2018!

We are delighted to announce that the Heikinkatu Bridge in the city of Oulu has been named ‘Bridge of the Year 2018’ in Finland, a title awarded by the Finnish Association of Building Engineers! In 2017 edilon)(sedra installed its Corkelast® Embedded Rail System (Corkelast® ERS) on this state-of-the-art railway bridge.

The 2018 jury deliberated on upgrading, reinforcement or monitoring system projects conducted on bridges in Finland. According to the jury, the aesthetics of the Heikinkatu Bridge have been taken to a new level. The bridge and heavy railway tracks were upgraded and expanded (2 –> 3 tracks) in a highly challenging environment. Overall, cooperation between the various project parties was a great success.

The upgrading project was completed in 2017 meeting the set deadline and causing hardly any disturbance to railway or road traffic. To overcome the challenges posed by the very limited available structural height, the Heikinkatu Bridge was designed with a concrete deck in which the rails were installed by means of Corkelast® ERS. This resulted in a structural height of only 0.72 m. The upgrading of the bridge was commissioned by the Finnish Transport Agency. Engineering services were executed by Ramboll Finland in cooperation with edilon)(sedra.

The aim of the Bridge of the Year competition is to pay tribute to sustainable bridges and those operating optimally, and to enhance the quality of bridges. The Bridge of the Year title has been awarded since 2001.

Future-proofed rail system for Bucharest’s Metro Line 5

The city of Bucharest in Romania faces substantial daily costs and effort in maintaining its existing metro lines. Cost and maintenance considerations were the driving factors for the operator Metrorex S.A. to choose a new and durable track fastening system for the new Metro Line 5: edilon)(sedra Corkelast® EBS (Embedded Block System).

In total, 15 km of Corkelast® EBS track, including 10 metro stations and a depot, is currently being installed in Bucharest.

In order to comply with the latest European standards, the decision was taken to apply the edilon)(sedra Corkelast® EBS, in medium stiffness. In areas sensitive to critical frequency vibrations, such as the Romanian National Opera, edilon)(sedra Trackelast® STM (Slab Track Mats) are utilised. All materials have been thoroughly tested by leading international universities and test institutes.

Installation of edilon)(sedra Corkelast® EBS and Trackelast® STM, for Bucharest Metro Line 5

Robotized production of the Corkelast® EBS blocks and trays