Red Line light rail project, Tel Aviv

Playing a role in different track related project disciplines, from the technical advice and track design to the supply and installation of track systems. This is when we are at our best! Our ultimate goal: the delivery of sustainable track systems.

Take for example the current Red Line light rail project in Tel Aviv, Israel. Initially, edilon)(sedra Iberica advised the infrastructure consultants Ineco (Spain) and Chinese contractors CRTG-EEB Red Line Systems, L.P. with track and compliance related aspects for the tender specifications. This cooperation led to the implementation of a series of interesting project solutions.

To ensure perfect electrical insulation of the track at the Kiryat Aryeh light rail depot, the Corkelast® Embedded Rail System was selected and installed, to meet the demanding requirements of the tender specification. After this positive experience, a sustainable watertight rail joint solution to seal off the fastening of the Red Line track was provided. Also, environmental friendly Jointelast STP was provided as durable sealant of the floating slab track joints. This sealant can handle movements of up to 2 mm.

To improve the electrical isolation properties of the standard rail fastening, the rail coating solution Editack N was offered for 24 km of light rail track. All in compliance with strict requirements of the local authorities on electrical insulation. Last but not least, our high-performance Corkelast® ERS was selected as part of the rail track construction for blast protective tunnel doors. This is what we’re all about: playing a versatile role as solution providers in technically challenging rail track projects!

The Red Line will connect two cities of the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area: Petah Tikva and Bat Yam. The line will be 24 km long and include 33 stops. The city authorities plan to extend the network with three new lines. The Red Line project was awarded in December 2006 to the Metropolitan Transportation Solution (MTS). The operational date is planned for the end of 2021.






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