No more costly inspections and maintenance for level crossings on main line Paris-Lille

edilon)(sedra successfully installed 4 maintenance-free level crossings on the main line Paris-Lille, in Breteuil, France.

The old level crossings required weekly inspection, frequent maintenance and had to be renewed every 3 years. In a short weekend shift the 4 new level crossings were installed, applying edilon)(sedra Corkelast® LCS (Level Crossing System).

Prefabricated slabs were mounted on a solid layer of subsoil and geo-textile. Thereafter a bottom-up rail installation commenced with shims for alignment. The edilon)(sedra Corkelast® elastomer was poured to embed the rails and give them their world famous continuous support.

Since the renewal there is no requirement for frequent and costly inspection visits. The train speed has been increased to 160 km/h in the first stage, and the accessibility and safety are significantly improved.

More information? Watch this project on YouTube or contact us.

Corkelast LCS Level Crossing System Paris-Lille (Breteuil, France)

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