Tailor made products
edilon)(sedra offers you a wide range of resilient rail track products and adhesives that have been extensively tested and proven within the rail industry worldwide over many years.  Our products can be delivered to all time and climate zones of the world – exactly tailored to the wishes and requirements of our customers.

Customers can rely on a full range of edilon)(sedra rail track installation accessories. Furthermore we offer full installation service, detailed installation manuals, on-site installation training and/or on-site installation supervision by well-skilled edilon)(sedra employees specialized in rail track works.

More info
For our detailed product information sheets please contact us.

Selection of edilon)(sedra products:

  • edilon)(sedra Trackelast® mats – proven and superior quality elastic (sub ballast & slab track) mat systems designed for the absorption of short, intensive dynamic loads and vibrations.
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