Project case Warsaw – Chopin Airport

Reliable railway connection to the airport
When talking about track systems for railway lines connecting cities with airports, reliability is key. Track maintenance is very undesirable, will result in costly delays and passengers missing their planes.

For the transport of passengers by rail to airports, railway companies have to deal with complex tasks in order to achieve a smooth, punctual and reliable train operation.

Alongside the many other products and services in the rail industry, the track infrastructure is only a small part of the entire rail spectrum. And yet the track system makes a decisive contribution: Railway companies and train drivers must be able to rely on the track system, regardless of the given boundary conditions and in any given climatologic conditions.

In 2011, 1183 m of the Heavy Rail slab track system Corkelast® EBS-HR-60E1 was installed for PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe in the tunnel sections connecting Warsaw and Chopin Airport. As an important part of the railway network in Warsaw, this line allows passengers to travel from the city centre to the airport in a very short time of only 20 minutes.

High impact loads
The chosen EBS system is well known for its excellent reduction of dynamic loads, low vibrations emissions and its optimal electrical insulation. A very important aspect in tunnels which are often damp and wet.

EBS is a ballast-free rail track system, that consists of concrete monolithic blocks that support running rails. The concrete blocks are elastically embedded into pre-cast concrete trays that are cast permanently into the slab track. This elastic bonding forms a seal to prevent the ingress of liquids and detritus that may cause problems for ordinary ‘booted’ block systems.

It was the first time Polish Railways PKP have implemented EBS for their turnout bearers. This system was used in four turnouts and crossings.

Based on the detailed switch design edilon)(sedra Application & engineering designed the most optimum bearer configuration to provide proper support for the high impact loads in these locations.

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