Project update of the Jokeri line, Finland

In last year’s newsletter we announced the start of project Jokeri line in Finland. This line is built between Itäkeskus in Helsinki and Keilaniemi in Espoo and is expected to start operation in 2023. After thorough preparation works with all the project partners, product deliveries and installation works are currently in full swing.

We supply different types of our SDS rail encapsulation system for almost 30 km of light rail track with the ultimate goal of delivering a reliable track, with high capacity and passenger comfort. Additionally, together with the Raide Jokeri project team we are working on a series of Special Structures.

These mainly concern bridge constructions with building height restrictions, for which our Corkelast® ERS system is ideally suited. Below, the photos show the installation works for two of these Special Structures: Sello Deck and Maasilta.

Veera Koskela, Project Manager of project partner NRCGroup about Sello Deck: “We have chosen the twin-block sleeper system as our main superstructure at Jokeri Light Rail, but for the Sello Deck structure that would have caused large scale changes on the façade of the neighbouring shopping mall among other challenges. The design work together with edilon)(sedra Application Engineering has fulfilled our expectations both in technical expertise and pro-active co-operation, which is a great thing as such, but essential in an Alliance project with complex challenges.”

Sello Deck: ERS bridge construction on top of a parking garage
(ERS in steel channels designed by our application engineering team)


Maasilta: ERS (on background with tight R < 50 m curve) and SDS type Mannheim (on foreground) with a transition zone in between

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