Rail replacement on the Demka railway bridge in Utrecht, The Netherlands

After the rail replacement on the steel Demka railway bridge last year, we replaced the rails on the adjacent concrete-steel “Second Demka” railway bridge in the first week of July of this year.

The project in short:

  • Lifetime extension of the rail bridge construction
  • Rail replacement of 2 x 255 m track in a short period of time (9 days possession), for a minimal disturbance to train passengers
  • In close cooperation with main contractor VolkerRail
  • Applied rail fastening system: edilon)(sedra Corkelast® ERS (Embedded Rail System)
  • ERS contributes to an extended rail and bridge life due to: continuous rail support, optimized vibration mitigation, optimal electrical insulation

Respect to the professionals who work day and night to get this job done!





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