Replacement blocks Hemtunnel Zaandam, The Netherlands

On the 26th of April and the 15th of July edilon)(sedra started the replacement of the block based track system in the tunnel ‘Hemtunnel’ in Zaandam by the state-of-the-art Corkelast® Embedded Block System (EBS), after being almost 35 years in service.

The first 345 blocks from a total of 1.560 blocks were replaced by EBS type 54-E1 in only two short night shifts. edilon)(sedra is responsible for the engineering and production of the blocks as well as the on-site installation, including the delivery of tools and equipment.

Increasingly, EBS is being chosen as the preferred track system for replacing traditional block-based systems in tunnels. The Corkelast® based system offers an easy and flexible installation and therefore a very short out-of-service period. Furthermore EBS is applied because of its durable characteristics. The system ensures a strong reduction of dynamic loads and vibrations and excellent electrical insulation which is important in areas with moisture and/or risk for corrosion.

In the next period the remaining 1.215 blocks will be replaced, after which the Hemtunnel track will ready for many years of safe and reliable rail transport.

Recently installed EBS in the Hemtunnel

EBS designs for the Hemtunnel (the light blue marked part is the Corkelast® bonding elastomer)

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