research and development

To offer you the highest quality sustainable rail track solutions we heavily invest in Research and Development. More than twenty percent of our budget is spent on R&D. We continuously search for innovative systems and materials, follow extensive material testing programmes and evaluate systems, both with various mathematical modelling techniques as well as mechanically, using life-size models.

Furthermore our engineers collaborate closely with renowned research institutes, such as the Technical Universities in Munich, Budapest, Delft, Dresden, Berlin, Barcelona, Milan and Paris. Our research efforts have led to numerous international patents.

State-of-the-art test equipment
edilon)(sedra is fully equipped with all necessary state-of-the-art test equipment to carry out performance, static, dynamic, fatigue, physical, mechanical and chemical tests. This ensures the highest constant quality of your systems and products.

More info
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Our Research & Development facilities:

  • Development of new systems and materials
  • Material testing
  • Collaborating with Technical Universities

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