Solutions in optimal track construction height for St. Gallen station, Switzerland

edilon)(sedra received its first contract from Appenzeller Bahn to install Corkelast® ERS (Embedded Rail System) for part of the tramtrain track in front of St. Gallen station, Switzerland.

The Trogener Bahn as operator of the tramtrain in the region of St. Gallen had problems with the construction height in front of the railway station, because of an existing underground car park. They took the decision to install Corkelast® ERS in this section because this system offers optimal construction height.

Another important factor why Appenzeller Bahn chose for Corkelast® ERS was the additional reduction of vibration in this historical and crowded station area.

The complete project construction company was the Swiss contractor WALO.
edilon)(sedra supported WALO with technical assistance during the installing and the pouring of edilon)(sedra Corkelast®.

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