State-of-the-art track system solution for Metro Line 2 Warsaw

Did you know that we are actively involved in one of the largest metro projects in Eastern Europe? We supplied a state-of-the-art track system solution for Line 2 of the Warsaw metro network in Poland, based on Corkelast® EBS blocks and Trackelast® mats, offering optimal noise & vibration control especially for critical areas in the city.

No less than 27 km of edilon)(sedra Corkelast® EBS track was installed, including Trackelast® noise & vibration mats, EBS bearers for turnouts, crossroads and double track connections and 520 m of Corkelast® ERS (Embedded Rail System) track. Part of this project are the three newly built stations: Szwedzka,Targówek Mieszkaniowy and Trocka. In the first week of operation of the Targówek extension, 900.000 people used Line 2 of the Warsaw Metro! Further network extensions are planned for the near future.

The metro project can be divided into three phases. For each phase you can check the related colored lines in the illustration below.

Red line: this is the central section of the metro network from Rondo Daszyńskiego to Dworzec Wileński. The line has been in operation since 2015.
Dark blue line: this marks the first east extension to Targówek which was officially opened on the 15th of September 2019.
Green line: this is the first extension to the Wola department in the west section of the metro network. Track works are finished, this extension will be opened in 2020.



Targówek extension of Warsaw Metro Line 2 | Source: Jakub Pietras, Gülermak

Targówek extension of Warsaw Metro Line 2 | Source: Jakub Pietras, Gülermak

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