Strong stray current isolation performance Corkelast® ERS Canberra

Formally reported measurements to the Stray Current Working Group, show the Canberra embedded rail system continues to prove an excellent seasonal trend.

Rail-to-earth resistance results in the wet surpass 20, while dry conditions show phenomenal readings in the order of 60 to 80

edilon)(sedra Australia supplied the Corkelast® Embedded Rail System (ERS). The ERS track covers 12 kilometres of double track in total and a depot.

The Canberra Light Rail project provides convenient access to the city centre and northern suburbs for residents and commuters. Travellers can use a durable rail connection for many years to come, thanks in part to the proven excellent electrical insulation characteristics of Corkelast® ERS!

In order to explain the theme of stray current isolation, we have made this short animation video (click on the image to start the video).


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