Track replacement ONCF Tunnel de Rabat Ville, Morocco

In October 2018 edilon)(sedra successfully completed a complicated track replacement operation in the “Tunnel de Rabat Ville”, Morocco. The transition of 2 x 1.300 m ballasted track to Corkelast® ERS (Embedded Rail System) was performed in a very short possession time, while one track remained in 24/7 operation.

The concrete slab was built in only 2 weeks. Both the rail and the Corkelast® ERS were installed in only 5 days per track! ONCEF was extremely satisfied with this accomplishment. The Corkelast® ERS design is in accordance with the SNCF Corkelast® ERS approval and in full compliance with EN13481-5:2012.

The renovation of the track was part of a larger tunnel renovation in which the reinforcement of the tube structure reduced the clearance of the tunnel. In order to compensate this reduction, Corkelast® ERS was chosen as track system for the replacement of the old ballasted tracks. The system contributed to a favorable tunnel clearance by lowering the level of the rail significantly.

edilon)(sedra worked in close cooperation with project partners Setec, AZS, and Yapi Merkezi. Following the successful installation of more than 80.000 m of Corkelast® ERS in tunnels worldwide, our first important Corkelast® ERS tunnel project in Morocco has been successfully realized. Another milestone for edilon)(sedra!

Tunnel remained in 24/7 operation during installation


Favorable building height Corkelast® ERS versus ballasted track


Construction of the 2 Corkelast® ERS tracks in Tunnel de Rabat Ville, Morocco

Construction of the 2 Corkelast® ERS tracks in Tunnel de Rabat Ville, Morocco

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