Track replacement ONCF Tunnel de Rabat Ville, Morocco

Very short possession time and optimised tunnel clearance due to Corkelast® ERS.

In October 2018 edilon)(sedra successfully completed a complicated track replacement operation in the “Tunnel de Rabat Ville”, Morocco. The transition of 2 x 1.300 m ballasted track to Corkelast® ERS (Embedded Rail System) was performed in a very short possession time, while one track remained in 24/7 operation.

The renovation of the track was part of a larger tunnel renovation in which the reinforcement of the tube structure reduced the clearance of the tunnel. In order to compensate this reduction, Corkelast® ERS was chosen as track system for the replacement of the old ballasted tracks. The system contributed to a favorable tunnel clearance by lowering the level of the rail significantly.

The concrete slab was built in only 2 weeks. Both the rail and the Corkelast® ERS were installed in only 5 days per track! ONCF was extremely satisfied with this accomplishment. The Corkelast® ERS design is in accordance with the SNCF Corkelast® ERS approval and in full compliance with EN13481-5:2012.

Following the successful installation of more than 80.000 m of Corkelast® ERS in tunnels worldwide, our first important Corkelast® ERS tunnel project in Morocco has been successfully realized. Another milestone for edilon)(sedra!

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Tunnel remained in 24/7 operation during installation


Favorable building height Corkelast® ERS versus ballasted track


Construction of the 2 Corkelast® ERS tracks in Tunnel de Rabat Ville, Morocco

Construction of the 2 Corkelast® ERS tracks in Tunnel de Rabat Ville, Morocco

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