Unique and cost-effective level crossing solution in The Netherlands

edilon)(sedra recently installed a unique level crossing solution in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Constructing the level crossing in this method resulted in significant savings for the contractors, because the installation no longer required the cutting and welding of rails.

The project included the extension of an existing level crossing by a 3 m LCS-L slab. Normally such a slab is placed directly on the split. In this case the slab is stabilized by means of grouting. Injection holes were mounted in the slab, as well as adjustment options in order to vertically adjust the slab by means of hydraulic jacks.

In addition, the use of stepwise displacement of the LCS-L slab, it was passed under the rails and positioned. Thereafter, edilon)(sedra Corkelast® elastomer was poured to embed the rails and give them their world famous continuous support.

In brief: a unique, quick and cost-effective application of our LCS-L system.

Unique and cost-effective LCS-L solution in the Netherlands

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