French Tunnel de Montets: unique dual way solution

Railway tunnel ‘Tunnel de Montets’ located in the French Alps celebrates its first year of exploitation. This week, exactly one year ago the tunnel opened its doors after completing a full refurbishment with edilon)(sedra ERS (Embedded Rail System). Four seasons, including extreme cold and a winter with heavy snow falls,  later, the experiences and reactions in the local media are overwhelmingly positive.

Located in a mountain valley, the Tunnel des Montets has a double feature, unique in France and elsewhere: The tunnel  has been converted to a dual purpose railway tunnel which can also be used by cars and trucks when the mountain pass ‘Col des Montets’ is closed to traffic due to winter weather conditions.

The refurbishment with ERS was an important part of the modernisation of the Tunnel de Montets (line St. Gervais – Chamonix). The installed system not only improved the accessibility, safety and environment, it also offers (local) economic advantages because of the efficient use of the tunnel.

More information about the Refurbishment of Tunnel de Montets? Please watch our YouTube video or download our show case.

photo 1

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