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Green tracks for Mannheim’s longest tram line

The Final Spurt on Mannheim’s longest tram line…Now just to water the track to make the grass grow! It took round about 80 days of construction time to renew the track system of the light rail line 1 which was originally installed in 1979 between Casterfeld Straße and Neckarauer Straße. The rnv (Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH) deliberately […]

Strong stray current isolation performance Corkelast® ERS Canberra

Formally reported measurements to the Stray Current Working Group, show the Canberra embedded rail system continues to prove an excellent seasonal trend. Rail-to-earth resistance results in the wet surpass 20 ohm.km, while dry conditions show phenomenal readings in the order of 60 to 80 ohm.km. edilon)(sedra Australia supplied the Corkelast® Embedded Rail System (ERS). The ERS track […]

Corkelast® EBS installation on a steel-concrete railway bridge in Poland

Constructionheight, constructionspeed and electrical insulation are important challenges when it comes to the design and installation of rail tracks for bridges. Ballastless track systems are a frequently chosen solution when it comes to these type of challenges. Take our Corkelast® Embedded Block System EBS, for example, which was recently installed on this steel-concrete PKP railway […]

edilon)(sedra, technical partner for the mega rail project Toluca, Mexico

Observe the installation of our DFS rail fastening system on several viaducts, standing over 35 meters above the ground. A special technical challenge that really demonstrates the rail engineering competence of edilon)(sedra! Lead engineers from SENER selected the edilon)(sedra DFS-FF ASB system for one of the largest railway projects in Mexico: the new commuter railway […]

Finch West LRT: Nuevo acceso en el noroeste de Toronto

Colas Rail Canada, subcontratista del consorcio Mosaic Transit Group, ha seleccionado a edilon)(sedra para que suministre el sistema Corkelast® ERS con el fin de embeber los carriles en el tramo principal de la línea de metro ligero Finch West LRT de Metrolinx en Toronto, Canadá. El sistema Corkelast® ERS (Sistema de carril embebido) de edilon)(sedra […]

Nueva serie de pasos a nivel para el puerto danés de Fredericia

Una solución duradera con más capacidad de carga, transporte más eficiente y por tanto menos contaminación del aire. Después de la instalación de un conjunto de pasos a nivel edilon)(sedra Corkelast® LCS en junio de 2019, en el puerto de Fredericia, nuestra empresa instaló otro paso a nivel en septiembre de 2019. Este cruce de […]