Corkelast® EBS

Next step in track fastening…
The Corkelast® Embedded Block System (EBS) is more than a slab track fastening system. The monolithic concrete blocks are elastically embedded into pre-cast trays that are mounted permanently into the slab track concrete layer. This elastic layer forms a watertight seal which prevents any ingress of water, dust and sand that may cause problems found with ‘booted’ block systems.

Tie bars between blocks are not required, which prevents the risk of possible corrosion of tie bars, electrical isolation problems and increases safety in the event of evacuations in the tunnel. The rail support system works as an absorber for mid- and high-frequency vibrations caused by wheel-rail interaction. This way, noise and vibration radiation are reduced which is particularly important in urban areas. EBS is available for all types of rail fastening systems and clips, for all gauges as well as for switches and crossings.

Application areas
EBS is applicable for all conceivable areas: on bridges with the requirement of a very low construction height, in tunnels with increased requirements for vibration attenuation, for Light Rail traffic to ensure an optimized electrical insulation to prevent stray current effects, for Heavy Rail to withstand the frequently stresses of high axle loads.

Recently a new application field has been added as a reference, the refurbishment of worn out bi-blocks which must be replaced within short possession times.

More information?
Please contact our EBS competence centre  Our technical EBS specialists are eager to answer your questions and to provide further support.

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