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Fit & Forget track solution

edilon)(sedra DFS (Direct Fastening System) is a rail fastening system for ballastless tracks, in which the rail is directly fastened by means of a rail clip to a baseplate. The system components can be tailored to different track geometries and offer a high degree of convenience and flexibility in installation.

Simple and economical solution
Based on the mechanical properties of universal components.

Quick and easy installation
Extensive information about portals and procedures: BOTTOM-UP or TOP-DOWN.
edilon)(sedra DFS slab track

High rail re-alignment
Flexible system in its installation that allows it to be used with wide adjustments
in its vertical and horizontal position. To be installed in embankment and bridges
by means of toothed devices and shims.

Rail electrical insolation
We instal insulators, resilient pad, natural rubber in bonded base-plate, polymer plate.

Vibration Isolation
We can adjust the resilient material for vibration mitigation.
edilon)(sedra DFS track system

Easily adjustable baseplates

The baseplates are easily adjustable both in height and laterally. Various track rigidities can be set. The intended use is for all types of rail traffic such as tram, metro, freight & commuter trains. The baseplates are compatible with all rail types, such as the standard vignole and grooved rail. Due to its high insulating properties, DFS offers a high degree of stray current control and stands up to extremely variable climatic influences.

edilon)(sedra Direct Fastening System (DFS) on a viaduct in Toluca

Why opt for DFS

  • Fit & Forget: quick and accurate installation
  • Rail adjustability: 12,5mm in/track and out/field possible
  • Level alignment corrections: +30 mm vertical adjustment
  • Different support stiffnesses possible
  • High degree of stray current prevention
  • EN-13146 tested. Proven technology: edilon)(sedra has been supplying DFS across the world for over 50 years, with accompanying support

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