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To protect your personal data is an important topic for us. This declaration provides you with detailed information about the collection, usage and processing of private data by the responsible entity.

Company:edilon)(sedra Group B.V.
Data privacy officer:Mathias Gärtner
Office:Nijverheidsweg 23
2031 CN Haarlem
The Netherlands
Phone: +49 6151 97 12 640

The legal basis for the data privacy operation can be found in EU Data protection regulation 2016/679 (EU-DPR).

Access-data and server log files
When you visit this website, edilon)(sedra (respectively our web hoster on our behalf) accumulates data about every access onto the website (or (sub-)pages therein) in form of server log files. This data include:

  • name of the accessed web page
  • name of the accessed file (if any)
  • date and time of the access
  • amount of data transferred
  • status reports about the access (success, fail or other)
  • type and version of browser used
  • operating system and version of the client used
  • referred URL (address of previously accessed webpage)
  • IP address and the provider used for the access

This data will solely be used for statistics. It will not be passed onto third parties. The statistics will be used to ensure proper operation, security and optimization of the website. edilon)(sedra will retain the right to analyze the data at a later date if there is a reason for the belief of incorrect, malicious or illegal usage of the website. Under normal circumstances these log files will be deleted after 90 days. The data is accumulated according to Article 6, I lit f EU-GDPR.


When you visit our website we might store information on your computer in the form of cookies. Cookies are small files which allow to store information on the client computer. This information is device oriented and is used to create a better usability but also to further identify the user (i.e. to enable auto-login).
Also cookies can be used to further create statistics about the website usage. The statistics will also be used to enhance the usability, stability and accessibility of the service offered.
There are three different type of cookies. Cookies that are absolutely necessary to operate the website and to offer you the best experience possible are gathered and operated on under the provision of Article 6, I lit b EU-GDPR. Cookies that are used by us to store access statistics will be gathered and used according to Article 6, I lit a EU-GDPR. An appropriate cookie banner will be displayed at the first time you access our web page.
As a user you can further control the cookie usage. Most browser software do have options which can be used to control the way cookies are stored or disabled. If you choose to disable or restrict cookie usage the website may not be displayed correctly or may not be accessible in the best way or not at all.

Google Analytics

This website makes use of Google Analytics. This is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. („Google“). Google Analytics does use „Cookies“, small files that will be stored on the client computer with information about the usage of the website. This information will be analysed. The processing usually is performed on servers operated by Google and located in the USA. This includes the transferal of the data in the USA.
edilon)(sedra does use the so called IP anonymisation. In this case the IP address of the user will be transferred into countries of the EU (or associated contract states). The IP address will be anonymised (i.e. by truncation).
Only in very limited occasions the IP address will be transferred in full (also into USA). Google will analyze the transferred data on behalf of edilon)(sedra to create reports about the website usage and to perform additional services to the website owner.
Your IP address will not be referred or cross linked with other data Google may have about you. You can disable the cookie usage (see section cookies).
You can disable the storing, transferal or processing of your data by Google by downloading a plug-in for your browser. This will disable Google Analytics if you use the browser on which you installed the plug-in. The plug-in can be found here:
As an alternative for the plug-in you can use this address to set a specific “opt-out” cookie. Google analytics will check for the presence of this cookie and, if found, will not transfer the data. If you disabled cookies or deleted this cookie you will need to revisit that address.
As another alternative you may tell us to stop gathering and working with the data and Google analytics.

Revocation, change or renewal of private data

As a user you do have the right to receive information about the data that is stored about you (Article 15 I EU-DPR). This request is without cost (unless you request unreasonably often). Also you have the right to have incorrect information changed (Article 16 EU-DPR), deleted (or detained from further use), as long as no legal requirements exist otherwise (Article 17 I EU-DPR and Article 18). You also may receive the data in an electronic format for further processing (article 20). You also have the right to object the data processing (article 21) if your particular situation demands this. In this case a simple message to us or our data privacy officer is sufficient. If you think that the data privacy rules and procedures shown here violate your rights as set forth in the data privacy regulation you may contact the responsible government organization.
For the Netherlands this is the “Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens” in The Hague, tel: +31 088 1805255.

Data privacy officer

To ensure a sound and safe means to work with personal data, edilon)(sedra has appointed an external data privacy officer who gives consultation to edilon)(sedra. You can find the contact details on top of this page.

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