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Durable fixation

edilon)(sedra Corkelast® EBS (Embedded Block System) is a durable ballastless track construction system for metro and Heavy Rail. This prefabricated “block” system is ideally suited for quick and accurate installation in tunnels, stations and on viaducts.

It combines a traditional rail fastening system with the Corkelast® “embedded block technology” from edilon)(sedra. This robust, waterproof track system, has become a standard solution for tunnels, stations and viaducts.

Corkelast® EBS slab track
Corkelast® EBS system

EBS basically consists of prefabricated concrete blocks that are elastically and durably fixated in a specially designed concrete tray using edilon)(sedra Corkelast®. The “block tray” combination is quick and easy to install.

This track construction system absorbs a significant portion of the mid- and high-frequency vibrations caused by wheel-rail interaction. In this way, noise emission is also greatly reduced. Not unimportant in urban areas.

edilon)(sedra Corkelast Embedded Block System (EBS) in the desert

Why opt for Corkelast® EBS

  • Durable, waterproof bonding
  • Maximum electrical insulation, important in damp environments such as tunnels
  • Provides stability in straight and curved track sections
  • Easy construction, also as a switch solution
  • No tie bar required, making emergency evacuations safer and faster
  • Complies with EN 13481-5 and EN 13230-3 standards

Track Life Extension

with Corkelast® EBS-RF (Embedded Block System-RetroFit)

edilon)(sedra Corkelast® EBS-RF is a quick-to-install, reliable retrofit solution for worn-out “booted (bi-)block” track structures. The basis of this system consists of a block-forming concrete element with integrated elastic tray, prefabricated as a whole under controlled conditions. After removing the worn or old blocks, empty pockets are created into which the Corkelast® EBS-RF blocks can be easily and quickly installed.

Very strong adhesion, completely waterproof!

  • Extended service life of the main track structure
  • Uses the existing concrete slab structure; no drilling or demolition of the existing slab structure is required
  • Waterproof system, maximum electrical insulation
  • Significant reduction in future maintenance costs
  • Short (overnight) replacement periods – no or limited track unavailability

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