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Multi-applicable track system for trams

edilon)(sedra SDS (Sound Damping System) is a cost effective, electrical insulating, vibration attenuation and airborne noise reducing solution for light rail and in particular tramway applications. The system optimally meets the needs of modern tram networks, with many areas of application. 

The potential for urban mobility is increasing across the world, and with it the need for environmentally friendly and reliable transportation systems. In addition to “in street” track, grass track have also become increasingly popular in recent years.

edilon)(sedra SDS is designed for optimum integration in various application fields such as in-street running track, grass track, depots, switches and crossings, and level crossings.

High elastic joint sealing
Rail embedded with highly elastic joint sealant made from silane-thermal polymers.
Ensures permanent waterproofing of the entire system. Particularly suitable for filling
joints in highly elastic tracks.

Modular & eco-friendly with endless possibilities
A key feature of SDS is the custom-made filler blocks, created from recycled
materials and fully recyclable. These blocks are tailored to each project, ensuring
the Sound Damping system provides optimal electrical insulation, as well as
effective vibration and sound dampening.
Watch out our Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for our SDS.
They are published under the International EPD® System program
EPD International.
By means of the EPDs, we aim to contribute to sustainable track technology.

Perfect fit foot profiles
The systems from SDS are tailored to a wide range of vibration damping requirements.
The foot profiles can be offered in different elasticities depending on customer requirements.
Whether it's ensuring the highest standards of performance near sensitive structures or
demanding urban environments, we've got all your needs covered.

Easy installation for road and green tracks
SDS stands for simple installation without the need for heavy track construction equipment.
It allows for both traditional "bottom-up" and cost-effective "top-down" installation methods.
edilon)(sedra SDS-M (Modular version of SDS)

Adaptable for different elasticity’s

The versatile system is easy and quick to install and offers both, the traditonal Bottom-Up as well as the cost-efficient Top Down, installation methods. edilon)(sedra SDS can be adapted to different elasticities and can also, for special track applications and demands, be factory-prepared to fit rectangular or round shape gauge bars and rail anchors.

The applied edilon)(sedra filler blocks are not only made of recycled material, but are also 100% recyclable. The easy-to-install filler block system can be adjusted to different elasticities.

Why opt for SDS

  • High noise and vibration damping
  • Modular & easy to install
  • Good stray current control
  • Wide spectrum of application
  • 100% recyclable components
edilon)(sedra Sound Damping System (SDS) in Vienna, Scottenring

Universal track insulation system

edilon)(sedra Editack Spray provides high electrical insulation for any type of rail.
Specially developed polyurethane is sprayed onto the track and metal fastenings
in a one millimetre thick layer, creating a permanent insulating and protective
coating. With minimal installation effort, edilon)(sedra Editack Spray can be combined
with all proven SDS components for retrofitting. You want to know more about the
achievable stray current resistance? Click to read our latest test report.

Wrapping and protecting the rail
SDS impresses with exceptional protection against stray currents, impeccable resistance to corrosion,
high trafficability, and durability on both grass and tarmac tracks. It is an eco-friendly, durable,
and cost-effective system for insulating tracks that is equally effective on complex geometries such
as turnouts and installations.

edilon)(sedra SDS Grass Tracks

Onwards to a greener world!

SDS has several applications, and is not limited to “in street” tram tracks. In recent years, we have seen grass tracks become increasingly popular as well!

SDS grass tracks do not only look attractive, they also provide additional green spaces in the city, with all of the benefits that brings in terms of health and well-being. SDS has good insulating properties and thus removes uncertainties about stray currents in grass tracks. Combined with Editack Spray, you can realize a level of insulation that is far above the current standard.

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