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Protection against climatic influences

edilon)(sedra’s rail fastening systems for metro, are designed for optimal protection against climatic influences such as moisture. Our systems have a proven high electrical insulation and meet the strictest of standards regarding noise and vibration reduction.

We offer a wide range of new build or renovation solutions, with a short installation time, for metro tunnels, stations and viaducts, among others.

If required, we can be involved in your project from the design phase right through to implementation. Not only can we contribute ideas on the sustainable integration of the metro track into the surrounding infrastructure, we also respond to your needs and requirements regarding, for instance, vibration reduction, special track work and adjustment requirements.

“Various solutions for more complex track layouts”

edilon)(sedra Corkelast Embedded Rail System (ERS) in Toronto, project Finch West LRT


We have developed a wide range of metro track systems, meeting the requirements set by metro authorities, adapting to satisfy global and local (environmental) standards.

The systems are used throughout the world in urban metro lines, tunnels, stations, and on viaducts and bridges. We therefore have various solutions for more complex track layouts such as transition zones, switches and track curves with challenging radii.

Our systems are available in all sections to EN, and other standards and customer specifications.

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As international supplier of ballastless track systems, we offer more than 50 years of track experience and provide you with technical support in different stages of your railway project.

Our departments across the world employ skilled and highly motivated people with years of experience in the rail industry.

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