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Between February and December 2019, 2550 meter of new track was built in the urban expansion area Sonnwendviertel in Vienna, including two new stops, making use of a track solution from edilon)(sedra, known as the Sound Damping System (SDS). The 1,1 km extension of Line D not only provides a faster connection to the U1 underground line, it also provides “cooling”. The specifically chosen green track is a significant cooling measure of the city to actively protect the climate.

Sustainable tram

The double track is located next to a park in an area densely built with houses, roads and pavements. The 43 cm thick vegetation layer, mainly consisting of native grasses and herbs, ensures that over 70 percent of the rainwater is stored. This has a very positive effect on the urban water and temperature balance.

The new generation of stray current insulation

The universal track insulation system edilon)(sedra Editack Spray – a solvent-free, thick-layered polyurethane resin liquid plastic – was also used specifically for the 1680 m of green track. The two-component material is sprayed on by machine and forms a viscoplastic and mechanically resistant layer. With a layer thickness of 1 mm, achievable drainage coatings of around 0.1 μS/km per track are possible. This value is therefore significantly lower than the permissible drainage layer of G’= 2.5 S/km per track required by the standard, which was also confirmed by on-site measurements.

Our customer “Wiener Linien” is once again convinced by a high-quality edilon)(sedra solution and the good cooperation with all parties involved. Vienna will continue to expand its public transport and now knows where to find cool track extensions.

The challenge

To design a sustainable tramway, economically as well as ecologically sound and seamlessly integrated into the existing environment. An important long-term aspect here is to best protect the existing infrastructure underground from stray currents.

The solution

edilon)(sedra Sound Damping System (SDS) combined with the unique Editack Spray.

The result

A high-performance track system with durable insulation that provides optimal protection against stray currents while also improving the water and temperature balance in the city… how “cool” is that?!

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