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Each level crossing project is different and takes a different approach. edilon)(sedra are closely involved, from the design to the installation phase.Take, for example, our recent level crossing replacement project in Wellington, New Zealand.

A series of Heavy Rail crossings were replaced by our Corkelast® LCS (Level Crossing System). It all started with mapping out the specific requirements and needs of customer KiwiRail. Our Application Engineering department was closely involved in this. They advised on the dimensions of the level crossing and the integration with the surrounding infrastructure, in order to supply the best possible level crossing design.

An important project requirement was the short replacement time. The crossing is part of a busy junction, so a short possession time was crucial. In order to further speed up the construction period, a prefabricated track solution was applied. With this solution, the rail is pre-installed in the slab by means of our Corkelast® ERS (Embedded Rail System).

In addition, we took care of the supply of materials and construction by offering track layout plans, local production and storage facilities, logistical planning services and supervision during construction. All, of course, in close cooperation with our local project partners.

The challenge

Replacement of a series of level crossings, as part of a busy junction.

The solution

edilon)(sedra Corkelast® LCS (Level Crossing System).

The result

Replacement of the crossings in a very short time span, with minimal disruption to the local road traffic.

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