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How to control damage stray currents

Stray currents are an adverse consequence of electrified rail systems, which cause or accelerate electrolytic corrosion of the rail and nearby metal structures, which can lead to dangerous situations.

The rail fastening systems from edilon)(sedra are designed for optimal rail insulation and they provide a staggering degree of stray current reduction. Watch the animation video below to learn how to prevent damage from stray currents.

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Transport Canberra opts for edilon)(sedra

Electrical insulation is an important argument for many rail operators to choose edilon)(sedra rail fastening systems. Transport Canberra in Australia is a good example.

An Australian working group from Canberra Metro has been investigating the electrical insulation of our Corkelast® ERS track fastening system installed in Canberra. Measured rail-to-ground resistance values in wet conditions exceed 20 ohm·km, while dry conditions show phenomenal values of 60 to 80 ohm·km. edilon)(sedra Australia has installed a total of 12 km of highly insulating edilon)(sedra Corkelast® ERS (Embedded Rail System) in Canberra.

Want to learn more about this research? Or do you have any questions about the electrical insulation of tracks? Feel free to ask one of our experts!