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edilon)(sedra Corkelast Embedded Rail System (ERS) in a metro in Valencia

An achievement to be proud of! Recently, our RetroFit system solution Corkelast® EBS-RF was installed for Metro Valencia (FGV) at Plaça d’Espanya during a replacement operation, where old booted bi-block sleepers were renewed in a few short overnight possessions.


Traffic congestion, combined with wet and humid tunnel conditions often lead to damaged and worn out booted (bi-)block systems. Increased rail wear, track geometry problems, broken and corroded tie-bars, concrete damage, track instability, electrical isolation and signalling problems are often found in these track locations.

Tracks often suffer from emergency service interruptions and nightly visual inspection. Taking tracks out of operation is virtually impossible as this involves huge costs. A lot of issues to deal with!

The solution lies in a new system of the edilon)(sedra Corkelast® EBS family: Corkelast® EBS-RF. The basis of this innovative RetroFit track system consists of a durable block with integrated elastic tray, both prefabricated under controlled conditions. The system can be adapted to any size to fit the existing pocket after removal of the old booted blocks. Corkelast® EBS-RF is supplied as complete unit, ready for immediate application and quick installation: a replacement period of just a few hours is extremely critical to ensure the continuation of operational traffic the next day.

Project Valencia

In Valencia, Spain, the Valencian public railway company FGV required the old booted block tracks of Metro Valencia to be replaced in a short period of time.

One of the most serious problems for Metro Valencia was the groundwater level. The water had caused severe corrosion on the rails, on the fastening systems and on other elements of the track.

edilon)(sedra Application Engineering was consulted at the initial stage of the replacement project for technical advice and to analyse the existing track and concrete structure. Rail, track conditions and dimensions were carefully checked.

A renewal plan was created fitting the demands on quality, noise, vibration and possession times. To keep the trains running smoothly during the day, track maintenance on this metro line was implemented in a few short night shifts of only 4 hours. Implications for the environment and stakeholders were taken in to careful consideration.

edilon)(sedra prepared the renewal works, in partnership with FGV and the contractor Comsa. The new Corkelast® EBS-RF system, was installed by a small team of people and tools, under close supervision.

The completed installation was carefully inspected, resulting in a watertight, electrically insulated and low vibration metro track, ready for transportation of tens of thousands of passengers a day!

Do you experience problems similar to FGV with booted block or bi-block sleeper tracks? Please contact us!

The challenge

Track replacement in a short period of time.

The solution

edilon)(sedra Corkelast® EBS-RF (RetroFit track solution for worn out booted (bi-)block systems).

The result

The old booted bi-block sleepers were renewed in a few short overnight possessions of just 4 hours.

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